Made in Italy excellence

Politec is an Italian company that specialises in the design and production of active infrared anti-intrusion perimeter barriers designed specifically to protect outdoor perimeters.

For more than 20 years, Politec has been creating the most advanced products with high quality and technological standards, combined with ease of use and installation, made entirely in Italy.

Politec has the technology and the expertise to design and manufacture intrusion detection systems, offering the solution for the indoor and outdoor perimeter protection of your property. Over the years we have developed a notable and innovative research and development resource that enables us to meet the requirements of a

challenging and demanding market and to adapt to our customer’s needs, who are ever more aware of a need for security.

WS SMA – HIBRID SMA – SMA SOLAR are defacto new product lines meeting all the market demands even for the most critical installation environments. Politec is constantly committed to designing innovative products and systems to meet the requests for customized solutions

A partner who supports you from the design phase: Politec works closely with architecture firms, builders, and engineers to draw up technical specifications for a public, residential or industrial projects that require intrusion detection systems.