Carlo Salvi S.p.A.


The company was founded in 1939 by Mr. Carlo Salvi, with the purpose of building mechanical descalers. In the late 40’s started the production of flat die thread rollers; shortly after, the production of head slotter machines for the screw market was begun. In 1952, the first single die – double blow header to produce screw blanks was built, with an immediate success.

The first market which appreciated its technical qualities was Germany, overcome by the U.S. market only in the middle 70’s.

In the early 70’s was introduced a new line of headers for the semi-tubular and fully tubular rivets. These machines allowed to produce up to 600 rivets per minute, with very low production costs. In the 80’s new headers were added: two die four blow and progressive.

Since the 90’s have been introduced ranges of progressive headers with 5 and 6 dies for the production of parts with particularly complex shapes, including tubular rivets, capable of handling wire from 1,2 up to 24 mm. in diameter.

Presently the company is developing its own technology, not only for the cold heading but also the hot heading, using induction processes capable to heat the wire up to 900 °C.

This technology opens new horizons to Carlo Salvi for the heading of materials which can not be formed by cold processes, like titanium and other special alloys especially used in the aerospace and automotive industry.

As of April 1, 2016 Carlo Salvi S.p.A. is joining forces with Hatebur Umformmaschinen AG. This acquisition represents for both companies a great potential and will allow Carlo Salvi S.p.A. and Hatebur to be a strong and powerful supplier of innovative and advanced cold, warm and hot forming solutions and services to the market.


1-die 2-blow headers

This kind of headers allows to head up to six diameters of material and offers the possibility to produce components with quite complex shapes. Main features: high speed and precision to head screws, semi-tubular rivets even with a shouldered shank and tubular rivets, granting a remarkable tool life and an easy maintenance.

2-die 4-blow headers

These headers allow obtaining components with complex shapes which cannot easily produce on multi-station machines, where it is necessary to transfer the part several times, because the shank is very short or the head too big. Components which can be obtained: screws, shaped semi-tubular rivets and tubular rivets with a large head.

Progressive headers

The progressive headers allow producing with high precision special parts with very complex shapes, which are used in various fields of the market and particularly in the automotive and in the aerospace industries.

Since 2012 Carlo Salvi is investing in men and equipment to rebuild machines on its own but even by customer’s facilities: a new service that is gathering a big success and interest.


The administrative offices are located in Milan, since the year of the foundation, 1939.

The management, accounting, and commercial offices as well as the development department, the production area, the assembly room and the spare parts warehouse are in Garlate.

At the end of 90’s Carlo Salvi the USA was established in Toledo, Ohio, with the aim to better serve the customers of North America, Canada, and Mexico. Since April 2011 is operating the Chinese subsidiary, Carlo Salvi (Guangzhou) Machinery and Equipment LTD. Since April 2013 is fully operative the Uk branch, Carlo Salvi UK Limited, located in Birmingham area.