Orlando srl, 

highly specialized in pumps and accessories


ORLANDO srl formed in 1994 and export to 118 countries. Their products are used in the following sectors: Hydraulics, Agriculture, Thermo-sanitary, Air, Purification plants, Food Industry.

In particular, we are highly specialized in: pumps (surface, submersed, vacuum and special AISI 304 and AISI 316 pumps) Franklin and Orlando electric motors, accessories for pumps (such as original Square D and Telemecanique Pressure switches, pressure gauges, tanks, control boxes, float switches, flexible hoses and capacitors) Blowers, Pumping unit, water filters, Pressure regulators (Presscontrol, Controlpump, Mascontrol, Controlpres) Valves.

Orlando promotes the sales of Italian products in the International market, thanks to a very well-organized commercial department, offering to the customers a multi-language assistance.

Orlando operates with some of the most important distributors, able to develop, professionaly, the sales of innovative products in the market. Orlando is certified ISO 9001:2000.