Generac Mobile Products for the mining environment

Located near Milan, Italy, Generac Mobile Products is a company specializing in the production of mobile lighting towers. Since establishment in 1997, the company has developed dozens of different models of lighting towers to fit any customer’s needs, from mining companies to equipment rental companies. To date, it has specific solutions for mining, quarries, roadworks, building sites, mobile surveillance, army, events, amongst others.

Very active all over the world, Generac Mobile Products entered the African market many years ago, establishing dealerships in many countries to cater for needs of various industries.

Thus far, Generac’s lighting towers are spread over almost the entire African continent, where they are being utilized in big mining sites. As example, their products are being utilized in Iamgold mines in Mali and Burkina Faso, copper mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo, iron ore mines in Swaziland, over and above diamond, chrome and coal mines in South Africa.

One of the most “mining-specific” solution amongst Generac wide product range is the new VMAX LED, says the company’s Sales Manager for the African market, Davide Salesi. “This is a specific mobile lighting tower equipped with 6 powerful 320W LED lamps, able to illuminate a working area of more than 5000 square meters.”

“African mining companies should look forward another recent model of lighting tower, the VTevo,” Salesi reveals. “The VTevo is a model that we launched on the market in the second half of

  1. Its main features are: 4x320W LED lamps, 8m vertical telescopic mast, very compact shape and two different, fuel saving, engines available, with up to 240 hours of running time.”

These days are hundreds, if not thousands of LED lighting products on the market, and Generac tells African mining companies to be circumspect when making crucial procurement decisions.

“Even though we have still traditional models with 4x1000W metal halide lamps available, we are gradually moving to a complete LED range, for example VTevo and VMAX are both LED models. Cognizant that LED is very important in the mining sector, we have ensured that the lamp life of our products is much longer and the LED floodlight, is very robust and resistant to bumps, shakes and vibrations. It’s very difficult to break it in a mining field.

“Energy-efficiency is another benefit of our products. As you might be aware, a 320W LED emits more light of a 1000W metal halide but absorbs much less power. This allows to equip the lighting tower with a small engine, decreasing drastically fuel and maintenance costs and increasing running time,” Salesi says.

“For these reasons, we have noticed that most of our customers are replacing all their metal halide light towers with LED models,” he adds.

With 20 years of experience in the lighting tower manufacturing, the company is able to quickly design and produce special models specific to customer’s requirements. Generac Mobile Products has also available other product lines suitable for the mining market, such as power generators and dust control systems.

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