Criocabin: the look of food storage

Eating habits have changed immensely over the past decade. There is a growing number of customers who lead a busy working life and pop in at the local deli to get some food. Food stores cares and snack corners have to adjust to these new trends by providing fresh and tasty food that is chilled at any time. They require convincing refrigerated display counters and display areas as well as appropriate cold rooms for food storage. CRIOCABIN SpA

is a manufacturer of cold storage units and has been serving the market for two generations. Its products are top-notch solutions with regard to uniqueness, style, and technology. The product range focuses on refrigerated display counters, self-service hot or refrigerated cabinets, and cold rooms. We create total display solutions using refrigerated display counters vertical and semi-vertical counters, along with new modern display concepts responding to the demand of the modern retail, Self-Cabinets Refrigerated and/or Hot Ventilated, salad bars, and all shapes and sizes of food display merchandising for fresh, unpackaged and packaged products. Our customer-oriented approach, combined with a high eco-ethic and top-notch solutions that cater for all customers has made Criocabin a well-respected name in the market.