Bacchi S.p.a.,

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for over 80 years

Bacchi spa is an Italian company that has been working in the construction field for over 80 years, with the production of aggregates and mortars, the development of insulating materials and the last but not the least, an entire innovative eco-friendly construction system, studied and developed in order to build Passive Houses and Zero Energy Buildings.

The company, which sells its products all over the country, is structured with 4 operating centers, dozens of quarries for extraction and a fleet of more than 200 work machines. In its main production sites of Reggio Emilia, Parma, Venice and Naples, Bacchi S.p.a. keep investing a lot in research and development of new solutions for the sake of reach the needs of the construction industry which keeps evolving.

The wide commercial offer from Bacchi spa has been organized into 3 business units by product category, usage, and users:

Building Solutions for new construction and renovation, ranging from construction systems in cellular concrete to insulating multicellular glass systems, calcium silicates, and mineral insulation. All these materials are aimed at construction companies oriented to eco-sustainable materials, lasting over time and offering unparalleled characteristics in terms of fire resistance, thermal insulation, strength, and workability at the same time Main brands are:

-GASBETON®, a historic leader in Italy in the production of autoclaved aerated concrete bricks and elements for highly insulating masonries, fire and earthquake resistance requirements, for civilians and industries, new buildings or restructuring;

  • GLAPOR, a well known European cellular glass producer, based in Germany, starting from 100% recycled glass, they produce foam glass panels and granules specific for thermal insulation, durability, strength, and glass intrinsic proprieties.
  • Working Solutions a wide range of products such as damp and dried silica sand, polymeric sands, mortars, slabs, adhesives, screeds, concrete, bituminous conglomerates, ready-touse cold asphalt and a line of accessories for usual construction..
  • Garden Solutions a great variety of products such as stone materials for floorings and coverings, stone pebbles, and ornamental stones (with a wide availability of shapes, sizes, and colors), to meet all the needs of designers, garden designers, garden centers and building dealers in general. A special mention also goes to the broad range of specific sports sands, studied, developed, and produced in Parma (Sabbie di Parma) to meet the needs of sports professionals (football, beach, volleyball, golf, horseback riding, and rugby…).

A broad range of more than 1.300 products, for each project, from the DIY to extreme engineering; a nationwide presence thanks to a competent sale force network and a highly experienced technical support, able to provide assistance in financial decisions, design and construction. The last in order of occurrence but not of importance, pleasant and professional Customer Care service.

In conclusion, for these any many other reasons, Bacchi S.p.a. is considered as a professional and convenient partner to our clients, careful and proactive toward their needs, the environment, the evolving laws and market.


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