Young energy for the businesses

New to the energy scene, the I-Energy Energia e Gas brand intends to increase the impact and the recognisability of the Interconsult S.r.l. brand (a leading expert management company) on the Power and Gas market.

Our goal is to stand out as a supplier on the crowded Italian market, focussing mainly on industrial and SME clients and offering up-to-date and highly competitive tariffs through effective trading management.

Over the years, it has always been evident that the true added value we bring lies in the service we provide, always attentive and supportive, offering instant solutions to problems encountered.

Thanks to established partnerships with the biggest Italian traders and wholesalers who produce and market electricity across Europe, I-Energy Energia e Gas clients enjoy consistent benefits through flexible solutions and customised products.

The I-Energy Energia e Gas client portfolio, today reaching one TW/h, consists of large industrial groups, reseller suppliers and direct sales to a widespread market, through a network of around 50 agents. We at I-Energy Energia e Gas team are renowned for

our professionalism and expertise, and our ability to provide a flexible, timely response.

The company is split into four divisions, with the aim of ensuring a comprehensive, efficient service for all clients:

  • Sales and Customer Support:

-Direct contact with the client in order to offer financially beneficial solutions.

-Plans developed specifically for SMEs or large industrial groups.

-Support services with qualified, dedicated consultants (we don’t use call centres).

  • Trading:

-Research and market analysis.

-Research into financially beneficial and competitive products.

-Development of specific, shared purchase plans with the most well-known European traders.

  • Admin:

-Management of admin and accounts via an innovative and fast digital system.

-The admin department deals with finance and

accounting, managing client relationships using the latest generation flexible IT software that allows easy consultation of invoices and consumption data.

  • Accessory Services:

-Energy flow optimisation.

-Optimised management of the transporting of electricity, based on internally developed revision models and national and foreign market data.