DrM specializes in solid/liquid separation, vibratory mixers & Single-Use Technology

DrM specializes in solid/liquid separation, vibratory mixers & Single-Use Technology. Our products enjoy a worldwide market in various industries including the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, steel and food production.

The FUNDABAC® family comprises a series of equipment specifically adapted to the process industries, with high demand on quality and productivity. It has become the industry standard for highly automated and fully enclosed operation throughout the world.

Our key competence: Filtration and heel volume filtration, cake and spray washing, cake drying, in-situ filter cleaning.

The FUNDAMIX® Vibratory Mixer is a universal device for mixing liquids in open or closed vessels, under vacuum or pressure, even in sterile conditions.

The electromagnetic drive operates at 50 to 120 Hz and transmits the vibration via mixing device attached to a special clamp coupling into the medium. Due to the nature of its design a simple sealing membrane is enough for aseptic execution.

Single-Use Technologies: The FUNDABAC® SU Filter consists of large surface area filter elements, packed into a fully contained plastic enclosure. A clever alternative to disposable filter cartridges for harvest and purification in biopharmaceutical processes.

The patented design includes unique multi-cycle operation, allowing increased throughputs and solids capacity while maintaining high product quality.

The FUNDAMIX® SU Vibratory Mixer was developed by combining the proven FUNDAMIX® mixing technology with the advantages of a closed and disposable plastic enclosure, providing high mixing efficiency at low shear forces and low energy input.

Process optimization can significantly lower cost of investment and operation. With DrM as a partner specialized filtration know-how from experienced engineers, chemists and laboratory technicians will result in optimized equipment and process designs for a sustainable boost in performance of the plant.

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