High technology gear pumps

Pompe Cucchi is a Company of design and production of gear transfer pumps, gear metering pumps, piston, and diaphragm metering pumps and has been present since 1948 in metering and fluid transfer fields. Pompe Cucchi works in accordance with Quality System ISO 9001 (2008).

The pumps are conformed to the Machinery Directory 2006/42/EC, 2004/108/EC, 2014/30/UE, 2014/35/ UE, UNI EN ISO 12100, UNI EN ISO 13732-1, UNI EN 809, UNI EN ISO 14847. On request, we can supply pumps conformed to the directory 2014/34/UE (ATEX), API 676 and NACE MR0175. All our pups are certified EAC (EX GOST-R) e TR CU 012.

In addition to its production, Pompe Cucchi is Italian distributor of the Jabsco industrial line pumps, GRACO pneumatic diaphragm pumps, and Grun- Pumpen drum pumps. Engineering, experience, expertise, passion and dedication: this is the Pompe Cucchi formula to offer the best products and service.

Our mission is to design and produce gear pumps and metering pumps with engineering criteria of product that meets the needs of our customers: quality, reliability, ease of inspection, maintenance and cleaning and also provide technical assistance based on a competent team of experts in order to find solutions for multiple applications in many field through the use of innovative materials to meet the specific technical customers requirements and new industrial processes. The project is managed by a team of engineers using CAD stations of the last generation continuously updated. The ongoing development of our pumps project and new materials research allowed us to produce pumps in Titanium and in Hastelloy C in addition to classic materials as AISI 316L, ductile cast iron, bronze. Executions can be differentiated with the installation of single mechanical seals, double in tandem, double back to back or magnetic coupling also ATEX certified.

Pompe Cucchi has installed a new control numerically controlled machining centre with 18 pallets that can work 24 hours / day also not witnessed (without operator) equipped with supervising software and two new control numerically controlled machining DMG machines: a horizontal center and a vertical center These machines, having a robotized tool magazine (about 400) and a last generation supervisor system,

will allow the following production advantages:

  • Increase the system’s productivity
  • Meet the delivery dates of the purchase orders received by the customers
  • Increase the system’s availability
  • Improve product’s quality