Heila Cranes, redefines lifting industry

In a market with saturated and repetitive crane design characteristics to withstand heavy duty operations, increased lifting performance, stability, and limited parking position are more often required to be provided. A development of features that should bring to ship owners additional value.

Being this a common challenge for crane makers, for Heila instead, used to supply tailor-made cranes as their peculiarity this becomes a standard operation. Every single crane is “equally different”. This is where the HEILA knuckle telescope cranes can overcome the need and provide a grip to these requirements.

Refit Vs Newbuild units

Upgrading or converting of an existing vessel can be competitive with newbuild options if prepared and managed well.

Accomplishing the needed maintenance and modernization is essential to creating a competitive maritime capability.

Solution by proven design

Currently, Heila is engaged in the construction of a giant 70T knuckle telescopic boom crane that will be tested by middle 2018. This crane is the latest brand new seized design concept in the entire marine market. With only 60Ton of deadweight, this crane can be installed on the smallest ship without impacting on the vessel stability; only 320kW of power consumption by the electric or diesel driven power unit. Up to 30 meters radius; very limited parking space required: only 6 meters, suitable for a fitting of a 40m

vessels length and most space-sensitive offshore platforms;

Allowing the owner to:

-engage the existing unit for multi-purpose chartering, -avoiding crane replacements due to the charter requirement,

-cut off time, be more competitive and increase the numbers of awarded charter during bidding, -cut off vessel downtime, saving money

Wider bidding prospects by wider crane application

Considerable advantages by widening the spectrum of the activities proposed to shipowners with a consequent rise for vessel charter operations and turnover prospects.

A combination that brings to owners increased fleets optimization with consequential gain on raised asset value. This means higher revenue for the ship owners. Providing to the operator key features that allow to utilize this crane in several applications.

From  platform  supply  vessels,  ROV  lifting,  buoy

  • Anchor handling, and now subsea with our new developed 100T capacity crane.

Reduced operational & maintenance time

The more time can be saved, the more can be utilized for other targeted activities.

More effective operation timing by proven design and longer lifetime by implemented in-house developed anti-corrosion program applied on every crane secure return investment for ship-owners

“Targeting excellence”