360 degrees services for platinum products and accessories

88Labware: development, production, after-sale assistance for products and accessories in platinum for organic and inorganic analysis everything in just one brand.

8853 S.p.A. is a company with several decades of experience and in Italy is leader in the field of precious metals and semi-finished products. Thanks to its laboratory with cutting-edge technologies it is the reference also all over the world for the quality of its products rigorously Made in Italy.

88Labware is the branch of 8853 that is present in this field since the 60’s; the continuous research of perfection is synonymous of quality for its customers and it supplies them with tailor-made products suitable for any requirements. Crucibles and platinum accessories for XRF analysis, microanalysis, burning and evaporation (these imply the fusion of the samples at high temperature and have to grant resistance to highly aggressive substances), mini-crucibles, lids,

capsules (with or without pouring lips, supporting pins), dishes, boats, mixers, tongs with platinum tips, probes, electrodes, Sputtering Target that are produced in platinum or in alloys with Gold, Rhodium, Iridium, Palladium and other precious metals.

The range of 88Labware products is suitable for the most common fusion machines present on the market; at the same time professionalism, experience and care for each product allow 88Labware to provide tailored services, that also includes the platinum plating of non-precious metal crucibles.

88Labware offers to its customers the recovery of precious metal service at 360°.

All exhausted material can be recovered: precious metals (Au, Ag, Pt and Pd) and alloys, crucibles, dishes, capsules, sputtering targets, pellets, thermocouples and, thanks to the internal process of refining, even scraps of precious metal.

Our strength point: 10 working days delivery time for new products and less than 15 working days for the recovery and regeneration process.

The main advantage of the partnership with 88Labware is the personalized services that we deserve our customers: a tailor-made and door to door service. “We take care of everything!”

88Labware will be present at Achema 2018 in Frankfurt from 11th to 15th June, HALLE 4.1 STAND A36

If you are an agent or a dealer, come to visit us at the stand or contact us!

The 8853 S.p.A. quality system is compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified by TÜV/Germany. 8853 S.p.A. is also a RJC member (Responsible Jewellery Council Member) which guarantees the use of “conflict free” metals.

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