Klevers Italiana,
leader company in thermal and acoustical insulation


Established in 1984, Klevers Italiana Srl has been collaborating with the most important gas and steam turbine producers, creating hi-tech solutions for the thermal and acoustical insulation. Our company is supported by an advanced CAD Cam system, enabling us to design, create prototypes and produce the finished item in accordance with our client’s requirements.

Our technicians and skilled workers supervise all stages of the production and installation cycle, providing a complete “turn key” service not only in Italy, where our head office is located, but also worldwide.
Both the planning and design stages of our insulating handworks are regularly carried out using our CAD oriented programmes, starting from the information derived from one of the following sources:

-On site surveys carried out by our specialist teams; -2D scale drawings provided by our clients;
-3D graphic models of turbines or any other equipment, generally provided by our clients.

Modeling insulation by software, we complete technical drawings of both steam and gas turbines creating a 3D graphic model, providing high definition detail of the shape and “bespoke” solutions. We carefully select the best materials, choose the right process, and integrate the production of our insulating mattresses through graphic models, in order to provide a product which perfectly matches our client’s requirements.

Every manufactured mattress carries a reference number. Our production process is controlled by an advanced software, which monitors all the machinery from cutting plotters to sewing and finishing tools. Our “Customer Support Service” provides onsite assembly, supervised and implemented by our team of skilled installers and technicians.
For our clients who have an “in house” technical team we offer a supervisory service on site, ensuring that the correct implementation of our products is guaranteed. To ensure the safety of our crew, Klevers Italiana Srl pays meticulous attention to all Health and Safety Laws. We follow these regulations “to the letter”. For every project that we undertake, we issue all technical and safety data sheets, assembly manuals and all related documentation.

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