Thirty years of experience in the soundproofing and noise abatement sector


Isolcomit has thirty years of experience in the soundproofing and noise abatement sector, operating mainly in Italy up until recently. Over the years, the sector has been the object of constant research, and technologically-advanced materials have been developed that are particularly suitable for use in the manufacture of our soundproofing solutions, which are now appreciated by the most demanding firms in Italy and abroad. It is particularly worth mentioning our specific experience in the sound insulation of air-conditioning and energy-generating systems serving buildings, and in the supply (and installation on request) of soundproofing panels and noise abatement devices for interior sound insulation and acoustic improvement.

We can handle the sound insulation and acoustic conditioning of:

  • music halls, discos, radio and TV broadcasting studios, •canteens, restaurants, gyms, …; •homes;
  • industrial interiors, machine halls; •testing chambers and metrology labs;
  • industrial installations, machinery, thermomechanical


  • technological systems;
  • cold rooms and refrigerators, civil and industrial air-conditioning systems.

We manufacture:

• soundproofed doors and gates;

  • silencers and soundproofed grilles; •mobile sound-absorbing partitions; •soundproofed walls, silent booths, anechoic rooms; •noise abatement solutions for civil and industrial applications;
  • cavity sound-insulating panels; •sound-deadening mats; •vibration-damping systems and bracketing;
  • accident-prevention barriers for machinery and installations.

For some years now, Isolcomit has been receiving orders from other countries in Europe, thanks mainly to the experience gained by the company in the field of anechoic rooms; this is an area in which our technical director, Stefano Casarotti Todeschini, has been studying and developing novel technologies with new members of staff brought in from the University of Padua.

To comply with the standards applicable to the building sector and with the quality specifications of the most demanding customers, and with a view to further expanding our activities abroad, Isolcomit has become a processing center (Centro di Trasformazione) and acquired RINA ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 certification, and it plans to stay constantly up to date with the Italian and European standards so that it will always be able to satisfy market demands.

Finally, we wish to emphasize that we provide a turnkey service: starting from the legally-required phonometric recordings and technical surveys, we: •provide technical advice;

  • handle design and planning;
  • manufacture, supply and install our systems in Italy and abroad;
  • complete all final tests on the installations; and •provide user manuals in Italian and in the language of the country of installation.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Stefano Casarotti Todeschini at our site in Boara Pisani (PD), tel. +39 0425 484648, or mobile +39 335 5808476.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

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