Power of steel,
art of casting



Heart of beauty, tradition and the flair of made in Italy. Here, not far from the lagoon, since 1977 Faces realizes melting steel castings, offering to own partners custom-made solution for their needs.

The passion for castings is at the base of our company philosophy, doing our best to guarantee high standard on quality, flexibility, innovation and service.

The specific skill of our technical staff can support projects development from the design stage with support of simulation software MAGMASOFT to material selection until the delivery of complete finish products ready for use.

In connection with the production facilities, which include also an AOD converter for steel refining and Heat Treatment furnaces API 6A certified, the foundry production is oriented toward high integrity castings for the following industrial sectors:

  • Oil & Gas           •Cryogenic
  • Power generation •Marine
  • Nuclear              •Wood end Paper
  • Military               •Food
  • Hydraulic           •Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical           •Building

The net weight of single casting is ranging from few kg up to 8500 kg in the highest steel grades including:

  • Martensitic stainless and alloy for pressure retaining parts at high service temperature
  • Ferritic and martensitic alloy for pressure containing parts at low service temperature
  • Heat resistant stainless steel •Martensitic stainless steel corrosion resistant for general application
  • Austenitic stainless steel for pressure retaining parts
  • Superaustenitic stainless steel
  • Duplex and Superduplex (Austenitic-Ferritic) stainless steel for general and pressure retaining
  • Nickel base alloys for corrosion resistant service

Detailed information about production facilities, company organization, production program and Faces qualifications ISO 9001, TUV AD 2000-Merkblatt, TUV PED, NORSOK are available on our web site www.faces.it.

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