Expertise and innovation in material handling and production logistics



BONFANTI owns a proven experience in development of specific solutions in the segment of material handling and production logistics. Our company staff has the aim to plan the most effective strategies in order to facilitate material handling with the consequent optimization of process timing, allowing in this way to our clients to increase the profitability of their activities, guaranteeing maximum level quality and safety standards.

Expertise and innovation in every branch of activity are the keywords of BONFANTI design and development. Our range of products represents the optimized response to all requirements of the clients: from material handling to equipment feeding, from warehousing to process control and monitoring.

BONFANTI is involved in design, production and installation of:

  • lifting equipment,
  • material handling and storing equipment,
  • SW applications and systems.

BONFANTI also provides consultancy and turn-key projects in EPC organization (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) for the supply of

complete factories and systems.
Our product range includes:

  • standard lifting equipment (man-operated),
  • other material handling machines and systems,
  • automatic warehouses,
  • process monitoring and control,
  • general engineering.

BONFANTI has a dedicated line of products for different industrial sectors, offering products that vary from relatively simple maintenance cranes and/or other lifting equipment up to specific process or heavy-duty equipment with capacities up to a 400t.

BONFANTI equipment is designed using FEM and ISO standards in accordance with the MACHINERY DIRECTIVE for CE marking. Their dimensioning, besides the standards, takes into account both the particularities of the service as well as the conditions present in the work area where they are going to be used. Since long time already BONFANTI has been operating under the control and quality assurance regime certified ISO 9001 for the following activity fields: design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and after sales support. Paying maximum attention to the standardization of spare parts and proposing Spare Part Kits carefully chosen, BONFANTI offers to the Clients the opportunity to contain the costs of their supply and to minimize the reparation times (and production loss times) that, consequently, generate costs much higher than those dedicated to spare parts. Our mission is to offer expertise and products to the clients whose main objective is the increase of profitability of their company activities and of internal logistics efficiency.

In order to provide valid replies to Client requests for always bigger productivity, BONFANTI has developed the “HDC” range of products dedicated to steel industry, able to satisfy always more complex operational requirements with the increase of uptime and reduction of time losses.

The “HDC” equipment is studied to respond to the specific requirements of this extremely heavy duty sector such as:

  • safety,
  • reliability,
  • highest performance levels.

This range of products consents to cover all the production process handling starting from row material/mineral/scrap going all the way to the final phases dedicated to storage and dispatch areas. Since every application inside the steelworks presents its own particularities, requiring specially designed solutions, BONFANTI has diversified its “HDC” range based on various stages of the production process. Being orientated toward continuous improvement, the solutions applied on “HDC” equipment get constantly updated to make them always more suitable to solve specific issues related to this sector such as:

  • presence of heat sources and dusts,
  • management of limited maintenance periods,
  • operators safety.

The design basis of “HDC” equipment assumes maximum care to the aspect of standardization of mechanical and electrical parts in order to make less burdensome the supply of spare parts. All this consents to provide to the end users the experience and products whose main objectives are the increase of productivity and logistic efficiency with particular regard to the increase of safety and to a reduction of the maintenance costs.



The  “HT” equipment are designed to manage AUTOMATIC handling and storing activities for the Forging/Heat treatment processes. The typical destinations are: forging, wireworks, fastener and bolts productions. The modularity of the “HT” solutions permit to realize a complete engineering of the logistic processes.

The main features are:

-anti-sway mechanical system to avoid any oscillation during the execution of the handling/storing process,

-automatic identification of the material to be handled,

-dimensional verification of the material,

-automatic positioning of the material (to be treated and treated) in a complete process area including the loading of the furnaces, of the annealing water baths and of the cooling platforms.

-automatic storing in WIP Warehouses for the material to be treated and treated,

-automatic evaluation of the treated material from the working area,

-process data exchange with ERP and MES external applications.



The “PP” equipment permits a fully Automatic management of the material handling for the pickling plants. The typical destinations are Wireworks, Fastener and bolts productions.

The main features of these systems are:

-designed and produced to operate in corrosive and heavy environments typical of the pickling plants,

-anti-sway mechanical system to avoid any oscillation during the execution of the handling process,

-complete management of the working cycles,

-automatic positioning and execution of the movements of the material between the pickling tanks,

-complete control and certification of the dipping times,

-different working cycles in the base of a different kind of material,

-possibility to handle, at the same time, different kind of materials.


The “WS” equipment is designed to manage the AUTOMATIC storing of the material having big dimensions and/or heavy weight (like Steel and Aluminium coils, steel billets, brass billets and profiles, Aluminium and steel plates, profiles, bars).

The main features are:

-anti-sway mechanical system to avoid any oscillation during the execution of the storing process,

-automatic handling (aerial with automatic stacker cranes and ground with combination of conveyors and shuttles according at the logistic and cycle constrains of the application) of the material during the receiving

(input), storing and releasing (output) of the material,

-automatic verification of the material dimensions before the storing,

-automatic storing of the material in base of the availability of the space inside the warehouse and in base of the preconfigured storing logics,

-complete management of export (pickup) lists in order to automatically provide the material in the output bays in base of the required retrieval list,

-automatic reordering of the warehouse in order to optimize the space use and to minimize the future storing/retrieval    cycles,

-data exchange with ERP and MES systems for the receiving of the material data, the picking list and for the transmission of the warehouse storing cells and the I/O missions.


BONFANTI is market leader for Automatic handling, storing and packaging systems for the Plastic Film Production. A complete range of equipment and systems is available to satisfy any process requirement in this production process.

More information is available on the BONFANTI website (

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