Digitron Italia, specialized in producing automation hardware & software platforms

Digitron Italia is an international company specialized in producing automation hardware & software platforms. The company has been operating for more than 20 years with a steady growth in sales and profits while expanding its international presence, focusing on product value. Investing in technological innovation, research and development, it has been able to purse long-term goals and became an important industry leader.

The company is efficient in designing and supporting one of the most innovative SCADA/HMI software and hardware for data acquisition, measuring and monitoring systems. Also, its strategic planning have been awarded with important gains in the International market. The professionalism of the Digitron Italia enables it to establish international partnerships with

some of the most prestigious companies in the world. Digitron provides superior solutions for the Oil and Gas or Food and Beverage manufacturing sector maintaining efficiency and high quality standards. It also provides data acquisition hardware and software solution in the energy production and distribution field. Digitron offers the perfect solution to accommodate every need whether it be for energy generation, transmission and distribution, tool manufacturers or renewable energy sectors. Its aim is to deliver safe efficient services to customers, and keep investors happy with overall cost effective results. Digitron invests great resources in Solutions for Electric Utilities by converting its experience in HMI/SCADA Solutions in these areas:

  • Control Room application for global-wide monitoring.
  • Power-grid application for geographical monitoring and power supply diagnosis.
  • Power substations for local monitoring,  data acquisition, data recording.
  • HMI solutions for energy analysis, local RTU, Cogeneration

Remote control solution for green energy monitoring Our keywords are: Durability, speed, accuracy and performances.

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