Leader in the design and production of engineered turnkey skids

BLUTEK is an independent and dynamic Company leader in the design and production of totally engineered packages for service air, instrument air and nitrogen generation (for onshore and offshore). Packages are designed to comply with any local and International Standard and they can be suitable for any environment (hazardous, artic/desert areas).Totally turnkey customized packages may include :

  • Compressors (screw or reciprocating, lubricated or oil-free, water or air-cooled, fixed or variable speed, with electric LV-MV motor or diesel engine)
  • Dryers: adsorption, heatless  /    heated,   heat   of compression (HOC),  membrane  and    refrigerated
  • Membrane / pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generator packages
  • Air receivers
  • Specialized lifting frames
  • Containerized execution with air-conditioning system or winterization

BLUTEK is proud to offer to any customer in the world the best solution with the highest quality standards and within the budget. Thanks to its worldwide experience and innovative approach, many EPC’s and contractors involve BLUTEK during the FEED stage. Based in Italy, BLUTEK is present worldwide through a strong network of Agents and Service Centers.

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