Technology leader: Hatebur minimizes changeover time

-Hatebur, a global leader in high-quality forming machines and tools, presents the innovative cold former COLDmatic CM 725 at the WIRE trade show in Düsseldorf from April 16-20, 2018 (Hall 15, Booth C44)

.-Changeover at the push of a button: Thanks to the use of servo motors, Hatebur was able to minimize the changeover times considerably, boosting the productivity of customers.

-Apart from the COLDmatic CM 725, the Hatebur & Carlo Salvi booth at WIRE will also highlight the impressively fast Carlo Salvi CS 001 – the machine will be in operation directly at the booth.

Reinach, Switzerland (January 15, 2018) – Innovations into the spotlight: At the trade show WIRE in Düsseldorf from April 16-20, Hatebur, a global leader in highquality forming machines and tools, will present the groundbreaking cold former COLDmatic CM 725 (Hall 15, Booth C44). The 7 stations former is designed for the forming of highest precision parts with a length of 8 to 125mm and a wire diameter of up to 22mm. With these specifications, the COLDmatic CM 725 is ideal for suppliers of the automotive industry.

“Our engineering team implemented several innovations to make our clients more efficient and productive: With a production capacity of up to 180 parts per minute, the CM 725 is much faster than previous machine generations”, reports Reinhard Buehrer, Head of Marketing and Sales at Hatebur.

At the push of a button

In addition, Hatebur minimized the changeover times considerably: At the wire infeed, a linear servo motor ensures that the grippers push the wire forward with highest precision. “The volume variation of the cut-off parts is below 0.35%. Together with the high quality of the sheared surface, which is typical for the COLDmatic, this results in a cut-off quality that allows forming from the first station”, says Mr. Buehrer. The centerpiece of the COLDmatic is the newly designed transfersystem


Speed, flexibility, precision and minimized changeover times:
The new Hatebur COLDmatic CM 725 makes manufacturers more efficient. (Picture source: Hatebur)

carlo salvi

660 parts per minute:
The Carlo Salvi CS 001 is ideal for the production of screw blanks and solid parts. (Picture source: Carlo Salvi)

on which the grippers for the part transfer are mounted: All grippers are individually driven by servo motors, can be individually opened and closed as well as programmed. “This programmability brings enormous advantages when it comes to changeover times. Instead of changing all the parameters manually, all previously saved settings can be applied in just a few seconds”, explains Mr. Buehrer.

Because of the servo motors, the COLDmatic CM 725 uses much less mechanical parts than previous machines, reducing the overall costs by almost 20%. The innovative fast changing system allows operators to lift out all seven punches and dies at once and exchange them with prepared units. All tools can be exchanged in only ten to fifteen minutes.

Carlo Salvi CS 001: 660 parts per minute

Apart from the COLDmatic CM 725, the Hatebur & Carlo Salvi booth at WIRE will also highlight the Carlo Salvi CS 001. The machine will be in operation directly at the booth. The CS 001 is designed for very thin wires from 0.6 to 3mm.

With one die and two punches, it can form 660 parts per minute – an impressive speed. The CS 001 convinces with minimized set-up time and is easy to change-over and to operate. It is ideal for the production of screw blanks and solid parts. Even small quantities as low as 5.000 parts are profitable due to the minimized set-up time.

About Hatebur:

Hatebur is synonymous with first-class hot and cold massive forming, exceptional customer service, premium-quality precision tools and process engineering.

Thanks to the integration of Carlo Salvi, Hatebur customers around the world benefit from a wide range of innovative solutions. This traditional company, founded in Switzerland in 1930, employs an international network of fully owned subsidiaries and sales partners to guarantee high-quality products and services that are never far away from its customers. After an in-depth consultation and design process, Hatebur offers a machining solution for producing high volumes of precision metal parts that meets the customer’s needs and requirements perfectly. Whether for the automotive, rolling bearing, aviation or fastener industry, we create solutions that offer maximum performance and efficiency in accordance with our guiding principle: Our performance. Your advantage.

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