Veronese Technology: an operating company in Fire Protection field

“No company, however small, may have the beginning and the end without these three things: meaning with no power, without knowledge and without passion’’
(Anonymous Florence Quote – year 1300).

Veronese Technology is an operating company in Fire Protection field. Paolo Veronese, the company leader, is grown in this field so far from a family experience of 40 years.

1Veronese Technology has a problem solving working approach, by trying to figure out the customer’s needs or problems, and offering a sized solution to withstand any need with excellent price-quality ratio.
Thanks to a close synergy with the SICURNET network, Veronese Technology is able to guarantee a widespread and homogeneous assistance throughout the Italian territory.

2Veronese Technology has introduced for a long time a continuous development process towards quality and standardization of its operations which help us to be distinguished in the National Fire Protection sector.
Veronese Technology includes a well specialized Fire Protection and Prevention office, which uses technologically advanced solutions to solve any kind of problem and guarantee excellent performance and/or consultancy services.

Who’s Sicurnet?

SicurNet S.c.r.l. is the first national network of safety operators.
It is an operating company for safety, prevention and fire-protection. SicurNet S.c.r.l. provides to its users vanguard services, in-depth know-how in legal, technical and commercial matter, selected and guaranteed products.
Thanks to the synergy of the national network, SicurNet, globally, deal with safety matter from regulatory advice going by a catalog of more than 1,200 products to reach the territory. SicurNet S.c.r.l. has Concessionaire and Affiliate network covering the overall Italian territory, with over 70 technical and sales agents and more than 200 technicians.

SicurNet S.c.r.l can provide assistance services, training, etc. Each Concessionaire and Affiliate can carry out all technical services (maintenance according to UNI regulations, testing, plant design, Personal protective equipment and accident-prevention). The Sicurnet Concessionaires have some of the most well-equipped workshops in Italy and, thanks to the synergy of the group, can satisfy even the most demanding customers. Most Concessionaires are also members of the company and are ISO9001 certified.

Sicurnet annually delivers more than 400 extinguishing systems, 1,100 detection systems, moves over 470,000 fire extinguishers (refills, testing, sales), carries out training courses to 14,000 people for corporations and big companies.

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