ABICert is the certification body accredited by ACCREDIA, the Italian Board for Accreditation

ABICert is the certification body accredited by ACCREDIA, the Italian Board for Accreditation, for issuing Quality System Certifications according to ISO 9001, Environmental Management System Certifications according to ISO 14001, Safety Management System Certifications according to BS OHSAS 18001.

ABICert is a certification body active in ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems certifications, obligatory in Europe for big plants and energy-intensive companies, ISO 22000 certifications, ISO TS 16949 automotive field certifications.

ABICert is the certification body notified at the European Commision for CE marking of building products (steel structures, precast concrete elements, like retaining walls, bridge elements, panels, beams, pillars, box culverts, .., blocks for walls and for floorings, aggregates, mortar, geotextiles, geosynthetic barriers, admixtures for concrete, structural timber, slurry surfacing, bitumens, bituminous mixtures, bitumens modified with polymers, bituminous emulsions, road surface dressings, bitumen sheets, …

ABICert is Certification Body notified at the European Commission for CE marking for bitumen for road applications (EN 12591), hard grade bitumen (EN 13924), bitumen cationic emulsions (EN 13808), bitumen modified with polymers (EN 14023), cut-back and fluxed bituminous binders (EN 15322), bituminous conglomerates (EN 13108..).

ABICert reminds you that the CE marking of steel and aluminium structures in accordance with EN 1090-1 is mandatory in all Europe and EFTA countries, like Turkey, since the 1st of July 2014. Since that date it is obligatory to market such products only after they have been characterized by carrying out the initial type testing and have implemented the factory production control (FPC) verified by a notified body like ABICert.

CE marking for all these products is compulsory in the European Community and EFTA countries but it is also developing fastly outside Europe because it grants safety to operators and users involved and distinguishes the best operators present on the market.


Companies producing or reselling products need ABICert certification in order to show to the market how their products stand out from others.

Designers, manufacturers and contractors are definitively interested to upgrade their knowledge in the field of CE product certification marking.

The key advantages for ABICert services:
– Auditors competent in the field, because of their previous operational experience,
– Serious service,
Fast certificate delivery,
– Pro-active approach addressed not to nonconformities catching, but to company concrete processes improvement and cost effective management,
– Rational flow of informations and technical responsibilities.

ABICert is active also for training internal auditors, safety auditors.

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