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CMMS3 Maintenance Management System: the main IT management solution used to support maintenance operations. CMMS3’s aim is to make ITSM (IT Systems Maintenance) easier comprising the array of regulations, procedures and tools engaged in collecting and processing the information needed to manage maintenance operations and to monitor equipment activity.


Our CMMS3 software is agile, user-friendly and easy to implement; Ramcube is able to offer support services such as training for users, plant data collection and loading, BOM creation, SPIL vendor checking, defining maintenance policies, WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) creation and workflow approval processes implementation, resource rationalization, workload management. It is also involved in the drawing up and evaluation of the plant’s key performance indicators.

Our CMMS3 software is now also available on the cloud platform for easy implementation, guaranteeing a high level of availability of the application and the data. The application has been completely redesigned so as to allow for the hosting of your whole application infrastructure on the web, databases, file storage and staging areas included.

Ramcube offers Asset Management services, aimed at managing an asset’s life cycle to the best of its capabilities.

Engineering Maintenance (RAM Analysis, RCM Analysis, purpose-designed Maintenance Plan Development, etc.) and Asset Integrity Management (Risk Based Inspection, Fitness for Service, purpose-designed Inspection Plans, etc.) are the approaches that the company mainly uses when carrying out Asset Lifecycle Management analysis, with the aim of optimizing asset management. The Optimization process should be regarded not only as a means of raising product reliability and its ability to meet existing regulatory requirements, but also as a way of reducing risk and cutting costs.

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