Rettifica Meccanica Srl – The story

The family company was born during the sixties, at the beginning manufacturing parts for tools machinery, then developing more and more in the mechanic market increasing the business-relationships with the most important mechanic manufacturers.

At the beginning of the nineties it starts the relationships with the biggest Italian Oil and Gas valves manufacturing companies, producing parts for the Expanding Gate and Slab Gate type. Since 1994 due to an internal change the company is more industrialized, and the important step is the purchase of the new generation tools machinery and the extension of the production plant in Chiuduno with the increase of the covered area. It strengthens its presence in the Oil & Gas market, which becomes more and more the company business core.

Better and most important business relationships, make the Rettifica Meccanica to be more known as supplier for special parts for Gate Api valves for foreign companies.

In 2013 Rettifica Meccanica starts a new company called SMG Steel, with a new partner. It inaugurates in San Paolo D’Argon the new manufacturing plant of 9500 square meters, whose 3500 square meters are destined for the production itself.

SMG Steel, starts working in the field of plastic injection and die-casting swage.
The accuracy and the reciprocal reliability with customers, the skills, result of consolidated experience and grown during the years, the commitment to the respect of the delivery time linked to the serious professionalism of all the employees, make of Rettifica Meccanica a baseline company.

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