Produce sas – Goodwin Launches Flow Control Division

Goodwin International has built up an enviable reputation for the design, manufacture and supply of high quality dual plate and axial check valves. Building upon this solid foundation, a completely new range of axial isolation and axial control valves has been designed and developed in order to introduce some much needed competition to this monopolised area of the market.



Axial isolation and axial control valves represent a high performance choice, with some features which make them attractive over other valve types:

Streamlined flow path
– Axial style valves benefit from a very smooth and streamlined flow path through the valve body.
– Axial isolation valves therefore induce minimal downstream turbulence.
– Axial control valves have a very low fixed pressure drop, allowing a wider range of pressure / flow control.

Low maintenance
– The actuation mechanism and seals are both highly reliable and robust, allowing long maintenance intervals to be employed without being detrimental to performance.

Goodwin axial isolation and axial control valves have been engineered with further benefits over and above legacy products:

Split three piece body design
– Goodwin axial isolation and axial control valves have a novel split body design which is well accepted on other valve types. International patent pending.
– In the case of the axial style valve, this permits 100% access for non-destructive examination, which is not possible on existing single piece body styles. Verification of material integrity is of the highest concern


Figure 2

Rack-pinion-rack gear train
– Goodwin has developed a novel gear train in order to open and close the valve. International patent pending.
– The Goodwin Rack-Pinion-Rack mechanism (see Figure 2) ensures that actuation forces are distributed along the centre line of the valve both horizontally and vertically.
– As the Rack-Pinion-Rack mechanism makes use of a rolling gear arrangement rather than a sliding gear, the frictional forces are much lower, therefore the mechanism requires less force to operate.
– Lower forces coupled with a rolling mechanism make the Rack-Pinion-Rack mechanism effectively immune to seizure, which is the failure mode typically associated with sliding gear trains.

The launch of these two new products coincides with the formation of Goodwin Flow Control, a new division within the Goodwin PLC group of companies, dedicated to the development and manufacture of this exciting new range.
With CAPEX and OPEX budgets being considerably squeezed in this period of low oil and gas commodity prices, Goodwin Flow Control are pleased to be able to offer a highly effective and efficient alternative to both new and existing customers.

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