Xaluxi – Leds and beyond. The innovative way for a smart energy saving


Xaluxi develops smart lighting systems by projecting innovative solutions for the energy efficiency of production facilities, offices, reception facilities and more generically big locations.

The invention patented by Xaluxi is the platform Xaluxi Ecolumiere, totally made in Italy, that represents compendium of the company’s philosophy, which is saving energy by correcting, in an easy and automatic way, the light sources’ users’ eco-unfriendly behaviors.

With our lamps it’s possible to get rid of the issue concerning the installation of an outer control unit as well as the consequent rewiring of the electricity network.

Our lamps’, in this moment, are the key of Xaluxi systems, their mayor strength is that they are “smart” themselves. Every lamp includes a CPU with a pre-installed control software whose main purpose is to take account of the client’s necessities. The brightness emitted by every lamp is autonomously adjustable thanks to an integrated brightness sensors.

Moreover, the CPU manages the optical communication which exists between our lamps creating a proper network, by which the light sources cooperate exchanging information in order to allow their lighting adaptation in relation to external conditions.
Xaluxi’s network is provided with a distributed intelligence, remotely programmable and manageable.
That’s why our lamp it is just ready to be used with your electrical system!


Apart from the energy-saving advantages, that is granted by the automatic adjustment (which determines a 50% saving, compared to traditional LEDs, and a 75% saving compared to traditional lamps), there are several different benefits linked to our technology:
– No changes to the client’s habits or to the electricity network
– Low management and maintenance costs
– Light emissions’ homogeneity
– Continuum modulation of the light emitted intensity
– System’s security and reliability


By bringing about changes to the software and the installed sensors, it is possible to develop some more features, such as the humidity, smoke and temperature detection, and to create an ecosystem of A.I. Devices. The common language makes possible the communication among different devices (eg. lamps, ACs, Thermostatic valves).


Currently there are no fully integrated and automatised systems like the one created by Xaluxi, allowing both the coordination of the light emissions and the communication among devices, due to react to certain requirements.


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