Fluortecno Srl – Guardian SiC “armoured” heat exchangers with gaskets in KAFLON 79P

Traditional SiC heat exchangers offer the advantage of the very high heat exchange coefficient typical of silicon carbide. The weak point of the system is the sealing between the separation plates, and the tubes.
At 100°C PTFE loses on tensive stress thus hindering the proper sealing between plates and tubes.
Leaks from traditional heat exchangers are actually due to fluid leakage near the plates.


The GUASTALLO Research & Development department has worked during the last three years to optimising a new technology for the manufacturing of heat exchangers. The GUARDIAN™ armoured P.T.F.E. exchanger.
The special “armoured” plates are made out of stainless steel perforated plates (see picture) with an outer PTFE lining of suitable thickness.
While the stainless steel armour guarantees rigidity to the separation plates, the PTFE lining assures a perfect chemical inertia. Splitting the tasks of providing structural rigidity and resisting to chemical aggressions, brings to an element of peerless characteristics of reliability and life cycle duration.



Guardian™ heat exchangers are provided with a sealing system realized through Guaflon™ made (modified filler PTFE) threaded bushings. These bushings couple to the threading of the P.T.F.E. plate thus blocking the tubes. The seal is provided by elastomeric o-rings that have the difficult task of contemporaneously allowing the tubes’ expansion without compromising the seal tightness.


Among all perfluoroelastomers available on the market, Guardian heat exchangers or equipped with o- rings made of Kaflon™79P, the one that possesses the highest degree of elasticity, softness and thermal resistance.

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