Aqm S.r.l. is a Technical Service Centre, founded in 1982, based near to Brescia (North of Italy) offering testing, training, consulting, standard and publishing activities.

Our staff, composed of 55 employees, also involves several professional and specialist experts for production technology qualification and certification, management and organization innovation services.

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of industrial materials and their production processes, equipped and advanced laboratories, AQM is a reference for oil & gas, automotive, mechanics, aerospace and metallurgy, industries.

Aqm has several accreditations, approvals, certifications, authorizations and collaborations, for example:
– Test laboratory (no. 0095) accredited Accredia (Italian Accreditation Body) operating in compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 standards for chemical analyses, mechanical tests, metallography, corrosion tests and non destructive tests on steel and non-ferrous metal products, since 18/05/1995;

– Calibration centre (no. 151) accredited Accredia operating in compliance with the UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard for calibration of hardness testing machines, Charpy pendulum impact test, tension-compression testing machines, calibration of extensometer for tension/compression machines. ACCREDIA accreditation guarantees the compliance with common standards of measurements within the EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation) system;

– Excellence Centre of ISTITUTO ITALIANO DELLA SALDATURA (IIS) for eastern Lombardy since 2001, first Welding school (no. 001 F) officially approved;

– Non-Destructive Test Centre (IIS Cert certification and approval no. 004PND);

– Training centre for welders of polyethylene pipes and fittings (IIS approval
certificate no. 013P);

– IIW (International Institute of Welding) Authorized Training Body for the provision of training courses for international welding specialists and Inspectors

– ect.


Testing Labs:

MECHANICAL TESTS: preparation of specimens and samples, hot and room temperature tensile and compression tests,stress/strain tests, low and room temperature impact bending tests, hardness and microhardness tests, bending, flexing, torsion and impact tests, special tests according to the customer’s requirements, axial fatigue tests, da/dN crack propagation, ΔKlth crack formation test, KIC, CTOD and JIC fracture mechanics, DROP weight test (Pellini), rotating fatigue tests on smooth or notched specimens.

CHEMICAL AND ENVIROMENTAL ANALYSES: qualitative and quantitative analysis of all metals and metal alloys, minerals, refractories, alloying materials and slag, process water and plant and/or treatment wastewater, analysis of dissolved gases and PCBs in transformer oils.

METALLOGRAPHY: studies, analysis and interpretations of the macro/microstructures of metals and/or similar materials, studies of macro/microstructural changes due to manufacturing cycles and heat and thermomechanical treatments, studies and characterisations of surface coatings and hardened layers, image analysis for micro-inclusional status evaluation, crystal grain size, metallic phases, measurement of retained austenite contents in steels by RX diffractometry, micrographic exams by in-lab replication and on-site, assessment of metallographic characteristics in relation to the relevant standards, specifications and purchase contracts, Microstructural characterisation of processes which produce thermal changes, Microstructural characterisation of thermochemical treatments, characterisation of metal coatings, Analysis of austenic grain size in relation to time and temperature, Plotting of CCT graphs, Plotting of TTT graphs, Analysis of austenic grain size in relation to time and temperature, Magnetic Permeability.

ELECTRON MICROSCOPY AND MICROANALYSIS: fractures and failure analysis, Identification and measurement of coatings, inclusion analysis, qualitative identification of metallographic phases and compounds, study of corrosion phenomenas, characterisation of metallic and non-metallic filtration particulates, microanalysis of all fibrous silicates (asbestos), microanalysis and counting of airborne fibres, particulate matter (PM) (ex: PM10, PM5, …).

FAILURE ANALYSIS: evaluation of data design and use conditions, Inspections test and destructive/nondestructive examinations, chemical analysis, electron microscopy examinations (SEM) and micro analysis, macro/microfractographic exams, metallographic analysis (EDS), measurement of applied and residual tensional states, shape and dimensional examinations (in lab or on site, operating condition simulation, EDS microanalysis for cases of corrosion, study of the correlation of the properties and characteristics investigated to further understanding of the damage phenomena, drawing up technical purchase specifications, planning of acceptance tests for monitoring product quality levels.

CORROSION AND FATIGUE TESTS: SSC and HIC tests Kesternich test, corrosion resistance testing of stainless steels and nickel alloys in accordance with the main international standards (ASTM A262, ASTM G28, ASTM G48, UNI EN ISO 3651, UNI EN ISO 9400), ect..

NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTS: Ultrasonic Test, Penetrant Test, Magnetoscopy, Radioscopy, X-ray test, Eddy Current test, Visual Test, Todf, Phased Array, Immersion Ultrasonic Test VT, Tomography.



METROLOGY AND CALIBRATION: under Accredia approval: Hardness meters, material testing equipment, strain gauges, charpy impact testers. Moreover, AQM performs a wide range of calibrations with reference to international standard samples and also offers important additional services.

– Metal welding school
– School for welding specialists, inspectors, technologists and engineers,
– School welders of polyethylene pipes and fittings
– Non-destructive test school
– Metallography school
– Heat treatment school
– High pressure and low pressure die casting school
– Laboratory staff school
– Occupational health and safety management school.

– Production processes and design
– Materials and quality control of products
– Quality – safety – enviroment
– Company organisation.

Standards and publishing:
– National and international technical standards selling;
– Standards update status monitoring service;
-Technical Publishing, and Technical Multimedia Products like TOTAL MATERIA, a leading database which contains more than 12 million property records for over 450,000 metallic and non-metallic materials.

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