Seitron S.p.A.

Seitron SpA, established in 1981 in Bassano, North Eastern part of Italy, is today an Electronics company specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling worldwide HVAC control products, gas detectors and portable instruments.

Seitron, an ISO 9001 certified company, is the leading Italian manufacturer of room programmable thermostats, both wired and wireless, of wiring boxes, fan coil thermostats, solar heating controllers, residential gas detectors, portable hydrocarbons sniffers.





Starting in 2004 Seitron developed its first range of hand held combustion analyzers with up to 3 electro chemical gas cells. Nowadays Seitron features the most complete range of combustion and emissions analyzers supplied worldwide by specialized distributors.

Chemist600 1

Chemist 600 is an hand held emissions and combustion analyzer, with the capability of measuring up to 6 different gases concentration. The measurable gases are O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, CO2, H2S, CxHy.

This analyser features also a large colour LCD and an integrated thermal printer. In the memory of Chemist 600 there are 10 different languages and 12 different fuels, 16 more can be added. Memory can store up to 300 complete analysis. The instrument is operated by Li- Ion rechargeable batteries and features also a second dilution pump, to allow high CO measurements. Besides the USB connection, Chemist 600 has got Bluetooth connectivity Class 1.

It complies with EN50378-1 and EN 50379 – 2. The weight is only 1,1 kg.


Chemist 900 is an emissions and combustion industrial analyzer. The main feature is the ability to measure up to 12 different gases simultaneously, with 9 single gas cells and an NDIR bench for CO/CO2/CH4.

Chemist 900 features a large colour LCD, a keypad with thermal printer.

The automatic condensate drainage with peristaltic pump makes it possible to perform measurements several days long. The flue gas sample can be dried up through a standard expansion water trap or with a Peltier quick cooler. The memory can store up to 16.000 complete analysis. Connections are USB and Bluetootth Class 1. Power supply from from Li Ion batteries or mains 110… 240 Vac.

Chemist 900 is housed in a rugged metal case with trolley. Weight is 10 kg.


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