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Choose the winning teamSour gas-cmyk to overcome the most demanding oil & gas sealing challenges

Fridle Group, a leading distributor of sealing solutions in Italy, has joined with Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) to deliver a strategic partnership for anyone in need of high performance sealing for critical applications in harsh operating environments.

Oil and gas engineers are under pressure to design components which perform in increasingly demanding environments. One major obstacle is sour gas (hydrogen sulphide or H2S), and its corrosive effect on components such as elastomer seals. Sour gas can result in non-resistant elastomers becoming hard and brittle, reducing their elastic properties and ability to seal effectively.

We commission independent testing for various oil and gas seal material grades. The NORSOK M710 standard is used to predict the lifespan of seal materials in sour gas environments, with minimum test parameters of 2% H2S in a minimum of three test temperatures – the higher the temperature, the more aggressive the chemical attack on the elastomer.

Tests conducted by PPE involve higher temperatures and higher sour gas concentrations (25%), delivering extraordinary results.
All materials tested by PPE passed these stricter requirements, giving a more valid representation of real-life service conditions. Our materials afford engineers the peace of mind which comes with industry-leading reliability and sealing performance in oil and gas applications.


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