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Ecoprogetti has its origins in a module manufacturing company that began its adventure in 1994 with a very manual production line, but later it started to fabricate machines for personal usage, in order to reduce the labor and increase the production capacity and the product quality.

With the increase of the photovoltaic industry, in 1998 Ecoprogetti became an independent company dedicated to the equipment manufacturing for the photovoltaic industry.

At the beginning Ecoprogetti produced machines for the entire photovoltaic production chain, from silicon cleaning to ingot squaring automation and automatic cleaning lines, wafer quality control and automations for cell production, specializing in the machine creation for the production and the quality control of photovoltaic modules.

Ecoprogetti offers a complete range of technological solutions in the renewable energy field and is involved in the planning and in the realization of manufacturing equipment and automation, in order to give everybody the chance to enjoy all the advantages of modern technologies.


Technology at the service of the environment, compatible development with green life and economic sustainability.

Ecoprogetti has the respect to the environment impressed in its DNA.

This is the philosophy that Ecoprogetti takes on in the search of the new technologies and applications in the ecology and renewable energy field.

Thanks to the experience in the photovoltaic industry and the continuous research of materials and manufacturing equipment, Ecoprogetti intends to promote a compatible development with the environment and in full respect of nature.

Starting from this ambitious project, Ecoprogetti is completely engaged in planning and building a future more compatible with nature and human life. This development is also in syntony also with the economic success and the economic sustainability of our customers.

Ecoprogetti works according to three key words:

FLEXIBILITY: the adaptability of the machines/production line to customers' needs.
Ecoprogetti’s machines are extremely flexible and can work with different types of cells and raw materials in order to produce all kind of photovoltaic modules including BIPV modules like glass-glass. The complete production line can be changed from one to another module type in less than 1hour.

SIMPLICITY: the machines are very simple to use and do not require advanced ordinary or extraordinary maintenance and particular skilled human resources. All machines are equipped with internet connection for a quick and effective service.

MODULARITY: thanks to Ecoprogetti’s modular concept the customer can update the line in a very easy and cost-competitive way. It is possible to transform the line from a 20MW to a 100MW or more only upgrading and working on the existing equipment.


Ecoprogetti presents the best solutions in automation and quality for each step of the production process.

Thanks to the company’s know-how, Ecoprogetti gives the customer the best turnkey solutions with a complete assistance in training, start-up, advice and support service of qualified personnel with years of experience as photovoltaic module producers.

Ecoprogetti’s aim is the supremacy in technological innovations and solutions.

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    We guarantee innovative solutions maintaining authenticity and simplicity.
    In order to offer the best technology and quality for each step and process, Ecoprogetti has developed two patents: hybrid soldering head and LED sun simulator.


    Aiming at breakages equal to 0% with solar cells getting thinner and thinner, Ecoprogetti has developed and patented a new innovative hybrid soldering system combining the traditional contact soldering with hot air.

    The introduction of hot air in the soldering phase heats up the entire cell surface, not only the points where the ribbon is positioned, reducing significantly the thermal stress given to cell.


    This new technology is still in expansion and the obtained benefits are helping the unit to become extremely competitive against the traditional xenon lamp flash simulators. Ecosun 10L was the first full size triple class A sun simulator with LED technology available on the market. The unit was accredited triple A class by TÜV InterCert. As a result of technological and aesthetic innovation, this efficient machine was further improved to the next level: a triple A+ class certification and recalled ECOSUN PLUS.


    Ecoprogetti gives high importance to quality systems to improve both the customers’ satisfaction level and the organization of its own human resources. Ecoprogetti is working according to the ISO9001:2008 norms.

    The machines for the assembly of PV modules require attention and precision in every phase of the construction process. This is why we test and monitor the quality of our purposes.


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