Pasian is a dynamic venture in a constantly evolving state.

The company was founded in Sogliano Cavour, in the heart of Salento - Italy and it 's specialised in producting pellet and multi-fuel (pips,corn,almond shells, etc) stoves and boilers.

It Uses a productive process that merges artisan skills with cutting edge technology , the company produces solutions created for domestic and industrial furnishig and compliance with high quality standards, all the while completely respecting the environment.

The productive cycle is wholly concentrated inside the structure, guaranteeing effective control over each phase through advanced know- how.

The team works and synergic action of its professionals allows Pasian to offer customers an allaround service that can count on a cohesive , motivated team.

Pasian produces all products in Italy. Thanks to advanced know-how and specialised workmanship, our products are designed and manufactured in compliance with high quality standards and made to last over time.

The Pasian range allows to reduce consumption and obtain immediate savings on heating costs, through the use of inexpensive, readily available and ecological fuels. Pasian respects the environment and nature, promoting its use of alternative fuels with low CO2 emissions . Energy saving and continuous innovation make our products respectful of nature.

Pasian’s products can burn many fuels without distinction: pellet, mixed corn. Olive pits, mince and various residues from the agri-food sector. Acqually Pasian produces a new line (know as speacial line) that burns Wood also ( avaible on automatic or manual start). We try to adapt our stoves to all need of the clients.

The range of stoves inclute Air and Hydro stove ( available for room boiler too). Ayr line is very wide from 8 to 16 kw.

The are a lot of solution to ayr stoves : frontal stoves, canalized stoves, slim stoves ( To be installed in confined spaces) and Inserto model ( built-in solution).

The hydro stove are a power of 16 kw to 34 kw useful to heating all house in all external solution. All hydrostoves include itself a room fan ( deactivated system ) for heating room.

The Cp Series, is the same boiler like as thermostoves ( some model and power) but with a different covering.


-Stufe aria – Air stoves

-Foruna – Greta Stufe frontali – Frontal stove8,86 kw

-Lia - Otello Stufe frontali – Frontal stove9,5 kw

-Flora – Steel Stufe frontali e canalizzate – Frontal and can. stove11,5 kw

-Alba Stufe frontali e canalizzate – Frontal and can. Stove16,5 kw

-Olivia Stufe frontali e canalizzate – Frontal and can. Stove14,5 kw

-Inserto - Stella Stufe frontali da incasso – Frontal Stove build-in 9,5 kw

-Slim Flora Stufe frontali e canalizzate Slim – Frontal and can. Stove slim11,5 kw

-Slim Alba Stufe frontali e canalizzate Slim – Frontal and can. Stove slim 16,5 kw

Stufe idro – Hydro stoves

-Vittoria 15,8 kw

-Sofia 22,5 kw

-Dea 23,9 kw

-Dalia 26 kw

-Luna 30 kw

-Perla 18,8 kw

-Nina 33,25 kw

Linea Special 

-Kya – Stufa frontale e canalizzata - Frontal and can. Stove14,5 kw

-Venere – Termostufa - thermostove30 kw

Serie Cp – Cp serie

-CpVittoria15,8 kw



-Cp Luna 30 kw

-Cp Nina33,25kw


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    Via Padula 13 (cda Pineta) 73010 Sogliano Cavour (Le) Italy


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