Sealcore Network 

An aggregation strategy based on investments in production capacity and innovation technology, to unite and present more forcefully on global markets eight companies specialized in sealing solutions and custom-made items to drawing.
This is the philosophy that underlies the birth of the Sealcore Network in 2014, predicting great market developments and opportunities ahead.

The Sealcore Network is actually a group of companies specialized in seals and finished items to drawing, which gathered in a common showcase to present a complete offer of products and services for all kind of industrial applications and sectors.

This aggregation starts from a singular strategy of strong investments focused on the development, the technological update and production capacity increase of each individual company. The idea behind Sealcore Network is to operate as a business network by carrying out strategic marketing activities for the benefit of all the associates, as well as the opening of warehouses and offices for local quick service and assistance in all the main international markets.

The synergy and the know-how of the companies in the SEALCORE Network provide the guarantee of a Quality Made in Italy, a complete and quick service to meet the needs of the global market starting from the engineering and design of the products to the production of the molds and the finished parts for a wide range of technical applications.

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The Company

Sealcore srl
Via Guglielmo Marconi, 142/144, 24060 Castelli Calepio BG


 Duci s.r.l

Duci  s.r.l




   F.LLI PARIS S.r.l.                                                                              ATS Special Oil Seals S.r.l.

                                DUEPI S.r.l.

                                 ORINGONE S.r.l.


Sealcore Network thus stands out in the limelight of global markets thanks to the skills of the eight realities that make it up:

- ORINGONE: Large size and Endless O-Rings in various compounds, produced with an innovative step-molding method.( Norsok M-710 ed. 3 approved materials available.
The OringOne history begins back in 2002 from an experimental project born to create a production system, that allows to produce O-Rings with non-standard dimensions, in series. The global market requires large diameter O-Rings, that due to the always higher performance requests cannot be accepted if produced with traditional methods like hot jointing, or using several glues. Because of this OringOne worked on a special production method investing money, experimenting, designing and realizing brand new machineries, tools and procedures, completely new and never known before, in order to guarantee the top-end quality standards required by the industry. The operation basics of our productive process are designed on a traditional compression molding method, that guarantees the reaching of the best mechanical performances.

However, we have invented, designed and engineered special machineries and molds, totally built by the OringOne Technical and Production departments and in a very innovative environment where everything is managed and guided by specialized operators and special software.
The advantages of our production system are:
- No I.D. dimensional limits;
- No molds costs; No minimum order required;
- Mechanical performances comparable or better than O-Rings made by traditional system (compression and injection molding);
- Competitive prices;
- Very fast deliveries;
- O-Rings customization in size and compound;
- Extreme fast turn-around thanks to our Xpress service delivery system.
OringOne produces also other profiles like Delta-Rings or U-Rings, in order to fulfill the always growing demand for specialties.

- DUCI: O-Rings in a variety of compounds with numerous certificates of quality. These O-Rings range from the automotive industry to the hydraulic and food industries. (
Certified IATF 16949-2016;
Duci S.r.l. was founded in 1983 and since then is being producing O-Rings. Duci S.r.l. produces, tests and certifies billions of pieces every year and can proudly assert to be today one of the most important Companies in Europe specialized in the production of O-Rings and technical rubber articles.
The Company has grown thanks to the competence, experience and cleverness of its workers and employees. An excellence service and an optimal ratio between price and quality has allowed Duci S.r.l. a continuous growth, contributing to the creation of an advanced Company with two production locations: in Chiuduno (BG) and in Bolotona (NU).
Thanks to the certification ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016, to a high-level automated production and to the most modern optical machines for the control and packing, Duci S.r.l. can always guarantee top level supplies to its customers.
We have developed and applied over 700 different compounds to meet the demands of new applications and be active on many markets. Each material has been meticulously designed for optimal performance over time and to provide the best possible value. Each material can be made with a hardness from 30 to 95 sh. A and in any color upon request. Many of these compounds are certified to many specifications like: WRAS, DWGV, UL, FDA, NSF, WIKA, 3A, GOST and others.
Our laboratory is well-equipped with instrumentation for chemical analysis of the compounds and physical and mechanical test of the finished products. Upon request we can develop customized compounds suitable to a wide variety of uses: low temperatures, aggressive environments and high-wear applications are just example of the engineering fields where we troubleshooted by using the right compound.

- DUEPI: Molds design and manufacturing. Injection-molding of custom-made articles in Techno- polymers and liquid silicone. 3D-printed items ( Grey room production quality;
From the design and manufacture of the mold, to the molding of the finished products and their assembly. DUEPI S.r.l. has years of experience Techno-polymers and Liquid Silicone (LSR), thanks to the competence of its team and the most advanced technologies, machines and equipment. The company has four main production divisions.

Molds and tooling production : DUEPI S.r.l. has a full-line production in house. Starting from the dedicated drawing of the finished part given by the customer, or from an application sketch or even more generically from an idea, we can design the mold and build it for the customers. Our workshop is equipped with burrs, lathes and both wired and sinking EDMs, all of which are CNC and CAM programmed. A Mold Flow station, equipped with dedicated software, simulates multi-cavity injection. This permits to predict the behavior of the materials during the molding process. Molds can be sold as they are or eventually used in Duepi for the production of the finished products in Thermoplastic materials or Liquid Silicone, which are the main production activity of the company.

Thermoplastic injection-molded products : The molding of the finished product is carried out with presses from 35 to 500 tons. Our machines are equipped with robots for the removal and storage of the molded articles which are 100% tailor-made on customer’s specification and drawings. We have over 30 years of experience producing molded plastic polymers and we are able to manufacture a wide range of products for a variety of industrial sectors: from early childhood, to electrical and medical applications going through many others industrial fields.

Liquid silicone (LSR) customized articles : we do injection mold the finished items in a so called «grey room». We decided to go for this class of air-cleaning production room because of the type or products we manufacture and the type of industry we serve. We keep a very high-quality standards thanks to safety cleanliness protection for the employee in this department and to side-polluting machines (for example LSR mixers, blowers and ovens) which are kept outside molding room. On top of this we comply to ISO 8573.1 : 2001 norm for the regulation of air pollution and dust particulate even considering water and oil residuals.
All this to provide the best high-purity and crystal clean (on demand) LSR products to drawing.
Advantages of the LSR material in comparison to standard silicone:
- Unlimited colors combination
- Low compression set compared with TPEs
- Hi-quality Medical grades
- No toxic combustion products
- Excellent environmental compatibility
- Free from plasticizers
- Very good heat stability up to 180 °C: no melting or creeping
- Low-temperature flexibility: down to -50 °C
- Chemical resistance
- Aging resistance

3D-Printed products : This new division of Duepi is divided in two separated production units where we are able to create realistic multicolored prototypes, thereby reducing costs and waste.
The first unit uses an HP Multi Jet Fusion 4200 printer which allows to create prototypes even in small/medium series. It guarantees a high reusability of the raw materials as well as a reduction in production times compared to any other 3D printing technology.
The second unit uses a Stratasys J750 3D printer which offers unparalleled aesthetic performance and leverage thanks to its polychromatic capability with texture mapping and color shading. It can create prototypes with the appearance, consistency and operational characteristics of finished products.
• Small production batches;
• Zero costs for molds and tooling;
• Molds for LSR prototypes in combination with the LSR department;
• Prototypes with realistic textures in 500.000 colors;
• Variety of consistencies (rigid, flexible, transparent, opaque);
• Product modifications rendered without the need for intervention on the mold;
• Waste and costs reduced with certified biocompatible HP PA12 Nylon.

FLUORTEN: PTFE and High-Performance Techno-polymers. Stock shapes and customized engineered components. ( Norsok M-710 ed. 3 and API 6A approved materials available. ISO EN9100:2009 certification for aerospace available;
Since 1966, Fluorten has been a worldwide market-leading manufacturer of industrial components in PTFE and HPP- High Performance Polymers for industrial and engineering applications. Today, thanks to continuing strong investments in modern and latest manufacturing technologies, together with support in designing from skilled and qualified technicians, Fluorten is able to produce and supply high quality “tailor -made” products manufactured by using only the highest quality grades and qualified raw materials to give maximum response in final applications. Fluorten is working in partnership with main market leading companies in specific fields like: Oil & Gas, hydraulic, industrial machinery, construction, aerospace (being certified ISO EN 9100:2009), heavy machines, automotive, electronics and electro mechanics, chemical and food industries, mention just a few, especially for Oil &Gas market Fluorten has a full range of NORSOK approved materials. Recently we also invested in a new 3D-Printing department for prototypes articles made out of the most technical and expensive materials like PEEK. We can guarantee our quality thanks to our fully equipped Quality Control laboratory for mechanical, physical and dimensional test – from raw material to finished parts controlled and SPC “in line” workshop stations.
Among key industrial applications, Fluorten manufactures and supplies:
• Pure, filled and modified PTFE stock shapes and finished CNC machined customized engineered parts;
• Victrex® PEEK and PCTFE tubes and machined seals, seats and inserts rings;
• Valves and general industrial customized components (high pressure, from high to cryogenic
• PTFE and Techno-polymers spring energized seals. Norsok M710 and API 6A approved;
• Reciprocating compressors PTFE and HPP seals and bearings including Victrex® PEEK discs for plate
valves (e.g.Oil & Gas, PET bottle blowing, compressed technical gases, etc.);
• PTFE etching for bonding (tapes and finished parts);
• PTFE bridge bearings (acc. to EN-1337/2) and for Oil & Gas off-shore / ship launching pads, pipe line plate’s supports and sliding in general;
• Slipper seals and Fluor/S bearing tapes for sealing and bearing in hydraulic industry;
• Fluor/SC tapes for CNC machines sliding plate bearings;
• Techno-polymers injection molding and machining with inhouse molds design and manufacturing;
• Official distributors DuPont™ Vespel®, SGPPL Rulon®

F.LLI PARIS: Rotary Shaft Oil Seals and custom-made articles to drawing in elastomer and rubber-to- metal. (;
For over 40 years our experience is helping customers to profit from our innovative technical solutions guaranteed to solve a large range of sealing problems. In all these years our growth was aiming to one single target: satisfy the customer's requirements giving a strong focus to quality and service.
F.lli Paris S.r.l. a socio unico, offers any kind of solution to sealing problems, addressing several applications in the industry with its engineering competence. Our range of products is wide:

- Standard and custom-made rotary shaft oil seals;
- Finished items made-to-drawing in elastomer and rubber-to-metal;
- Metal-cased heavy-duty oil seals;
- Textile-rubber oil seals and items to drawing;
- Shave and screen bearing seals;
- Pitch and yaw bearing seals as much as U-cups and sealing profiles;
- V-Rings and front seals with a huge variety of sizes and models

We do carry ready products on stock in our HQ, as much as in our local warehouses FP MILANO and FP MODENA in Italy, as well as SEALCORE LLC. in USA. We can also carry special stock on blanket orders or according to customers specific requests. The excellent growth of our company is the logic result of a
philosophy based on quality, innovation, flexibility and networking, even considering that F.lli Paris is the owner and the direct managing headquarter of the material trademarks: ATS Special Oil Seals; Slib Italy; SealFluid.
Nevertheless, we are an independent company, family owned, with its own design, production and proprietary molds for very special seals that are largely used in the heavy-duty industry. Our brand products BBS® and L2M® are used significantly in the prime-metals industry, as much as in the paper and wind mill industrial sectors.
Lately we have developed our own product range for spare parts in the marine industry that go under the name of STLS.
We can guarantee you always the best solution for your sealing products thanks to our experience and to our engineering study supported by FEM-system analysis and on-site technical verification and discussion of the project.

-  ATS SPECIAL OIL SEALS: Special and large size rotary shaft oil seals for applications in the heavy-duty industry.
( Seals up to 2.2 m in size produced endless;
A.T.S. Special Oil Seals S.r.l. is a production division of F.lli Paris S.r.l. a socio unico and was started in 1983 in Nova Milanese (MB), in Italy near Milan. From the very beginning ATS focused its operations to the production of special rotary shaft oil seals with large diameters for the heavy-duty industry. The merging in
the ‘90s with the Company F.lli Paris S.r.l. a socio unico, founded in 1979 by the family Paris, allowed ATS to extend its presence in the international markets and to consolidate the global worldwide presence and recognition of the brand for large sizes special oil seals in the heavy-duty industry. ATS seals are largely
used in steel mills, paper mills, wind mills, naval industry and in the heavy machinery industry where such top-end large size seals are needed. At the present ATS is one of the worldwide production leaders for this kind of seals.
The team-up between F.lli Paris and ATS provides a great production capacity for industrial components in rubber and rubber-to-metal starting from the technical design and construction of the molds and any additional tool, to the preparation of the final customized product.
ATS produces: high pressure oil seals, special oil seals, textile rubber oil seals, grease sealing, V-Rings, BBS (Big Bearing Seals) oil film bearings and large diameter oil seals up to 2.2 m diameter in one single piece. We can offer and sell even larger rubber and textile-rubber seals thanks to our special split-joint technology.

SLIB ITALY: Self-lubricating bushings and washers for valves and other applications in the hydraulic, energy and metal industries (
Slib Italy is specialized in the manufacturing of pressed Sliding Bearings with thin wall-thickness, dry self-lubricating, or with grease or oil lubrication, and produced in accordance to ISO 3547 directive. Bearings and washers can be produced according to specific requests or to customers’ drawings. Dimensions range from a min. of 10 mm to a max. of 1.000 mm, both for standard sizes and for special ones.
These Bearings guarantee superior performances in terms of:
• Wear resistance;
• Load capacity, both static and dynamic;
• Maximum flexibility of usage in the most different applications;
• Less space requirement in the application;
• Resistance to impacts and to vibrations;
• Possibility of usage both at low and high temperatures;
• Chemical resistance in contact with various substances.
The Slib Italy production department started in 2012 with experienced employees in the production of sliding bearings and washers, and we aiming to become a worldwide reference for these products focusing its strength on the achievement, the maintenance and the improvement of the following prerogatives:
• Strong team work to reach the maximum satisfaction of the client;
• Flexible manufacturing capability for all the different applications;
• Competitive prices;
• Guaranty of the agreed lead times;
• Technology and constant high quality of the products.
We are always aiming to help our customers involved in a market where short deliveries are a key to success together with quality and competitive price level. This is why we are growing intensively with our quick turn-around service called FasTrack.

- SEALFLUID: Engineered sealing solutions and custom seal kits for heavy-duty hydraulic and pneumatic applications. (
SealFluid is the Fluid Power Seals Division of F.lli Paris S.r.l. a socio unico and offers a comprehensive range of product, engineered solutions and services for heavy-duty fluid power equipment. All the important seal components for hydraulic, pneumatic cylinders and presses from standard to special/customized ones, can be found in this new machined seal product portfolio, which helps improve reliability, availability and
efficiency of the fluid power, fluid handling and power transmission systems. Unique combination of state- of-the-art materials technology (Polyurethanes, Elastomers, Fluoroplastics and Engineered Hard Plastics), seal design capabilities and flexible CNC production technology and industrialization. The application expertise allows SealFluid to design and develop seal components and complete sealing systems for critical fluid power applications across multiple heavy industries. Almost unlimited seal designs and extensive range of sealing materials. Any dimensions can be produced assuring a short turnaround or JIT as expected by end-users in today`s economic environment.

SealFluid’s product portfolio covers:
• Wipers Seals
• Rod Seals
• Piston Seals
• Static Seals
• Wear Rings
• Anti-Extrusion Rings (Back-up Rings) and other ancillary devices
• Rotary Seals
• Custom tailor-made, specific application sealing solutions
• Customized kits
With this new engineering and service division we aim to improve our offering to the fluid power market and equipment, providing outstanding services and exceeding the customers’ expectations:
• Quick responsiveness
• Greater application engineering support
• Flexible manufacturing capability for all the different applications
• One-Stop-Shop for industrial solutions (complete cylinder repair and kits upgrading)
• Technology and constant high quality of the products

All this in combination with an extreme quick delivery system managed by our FasTrack Service.

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