Boffetti S.p.A. has been a major player in the field of power plants and technology for over three decades.

Established in 1982 thanks to the resolution and the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder Giovanni Boffetti, the company has made giant strides towards expansion.

The company earned renown for its quality, reliability and know- how as well as for providing the highest satisfaction to the client. Boffetti S.p.A. has managed to establish itself as a benchmark of reference, over a wide range of issues and each new job is a challenge and an investment in the future of the company.

Therefore not only has the company enhanced its level of specialisation but it has also accrued precious know-how in any sector it is involved. Boffetti has invested in human resources and related skills, reaching in a short time, the level of a company that can pride itself on an efficient and streamlined organization that, combined with the professionalism and expe- rience of its personnel, guarantees the full success of any type of endeavour; the constant effort of its employees has contributed to growth and success.


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All-out energy

Boffetti S.p.A. provides solutions by availing of the best market products and systems and enhancing the activities of the Client, whether it involves construction of a new plant or improving reliability or augmentingBoffetti (2) productivity of existing facilities. In its role as main contractor, it integrates products and equipment of varying qualities and nature, complying with the standards in force, and certify system compliance with the best industry practices.
Harnessing the experience of our technicians and designers, trained in various disciplines, we are able to develop the design and engineering of various types of plants. We provide our clients with the consulting they need to help them choose the proper solution, and together we determine the most adequate plant solutions, related material and equipment, pairing the choices with a technical/economic assessment.
Thanks to an operating organization that can pride itself on a wide-ranging experience in the field of cost control and procurement, we can manage contracts of a complex nature bearing a high technological content with the aid of dedicated hardware and software instruments. We operate in all the stages of a plant’s life, commencing from the engineering and design to the construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance.


Boffetti (1)Electrical, instrumental and technological plants

Boffetti started its activity by erecting plants, not by merely providing a service but rather by helping its clients, responding to their needs, whatever they may be, and providing solutions to the most complex and disparate issues.

The company developed a system of in-house resources, with work teams composed of experts and specialized technicians, sharing their single expertises in order to develop complex projects, always keeping an eye on the highest quality standards and achieving client satisfaction.
Over time, the company has accrued a vast experience and managed to keep pace with the latest technologies and norms, offering a service that features one of the highest technical and quality standards.

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