Manufacturer of horizontal and vertical honing precision machines

Over the last fifty years, technological innovation has been able to develop digital and energy-efficient solutions that guarantee precision mechanics with reliable results, low consumption and autonomy. This is why DAMEC, a manufacturer of horizontal and vertical honing precision machines, is attending EMO Hannover 2023 in Hall 11, Stand A25 and presenting its new machine with FANUC automation.

With the use of a FANUC CR-7iA/L collaborative anthropomorphic robot it reduces processing time and therefore production costs, guaranteeing the quality standards of manual machining, but with higher volumes for different types of working parts.
The man-machine interface is much more effective thanks to automation. What’s more, thanks to the App, which can be easily managed by the operator via smartphone or PC, the system meets all the standards of Industry 4.0.

The connection to the company’s server provides all the information on the system’s operation and production in real time. We live in a world where quality in terms of dimensional and geometric accuracy is becoming more and more important in order to allow the customer’s finished product to consume less energy and thus follow a “green” path. This is why Low-power and fully recyclable electronic components are used in DAMEC machines.

The components used in the grinding process are rigorously designed and manufactured so as not to pollute the environment at the end of the product’s life (from the lubricating fluid to the mechanical components, from the water-based paint to the chosen scrap disposal).

The safety systems fitted to the machines reduce the risk of accidents at work by 90%. This is thanks to the sensitivity of the laser wall contained in the protective barriers, which can automatically stop the machine in operation in time. The use of robots in these types of production lines tends to reduce critical issues such as the risk of work-related stress, make the working environment more dynamic in an increasingly demanding market and, more and more, focus on making the operator’s job more comfortable.

Despite these uses, DAMEC maintains the quality of an industrial product by guaranteeing the efficiency and characteristics of the latest technology, based on quality and constant customer service.