Located in Waldenburg, Germany, the company is one of the world’s leading suppliers of Ex products for automation, control and distribution, installation, lighting, and optical-acoustic signalling.
Specifically in process automation, R. STAHL manufactures certified materials for hazardous areas, such as HMIs, Galvanic Isolators, Wireless LAN Access Point devices and RTU / Remote IO. With its continuously updated range of HMIs for 30 years, R. STAHL can provide products and solutions in various process applications industry, especially for the OIL& GAS, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Typically, HMIs for Ex environments do not have a modular design: often, to meet certification requirements, they are built totally encapsulated to form a single object; in the rare cases where they are made with separate modular parts, these are connected via multiple cables, resulting in more work during installation and more chances for errors to occur.
With the launch of its new range of HMIs, called ORCA, R. STAHL introduced the new “EasyConnect click-fit” system, dividing the machine components into 2 units: an E-Box-which contains the computer electronics or thin client-and the display box (D-Box), comprising the screen and the multitouch screen.
These two categories of modules then exist in different variants (E-box with more or less powerful processors, larger or smaller displays …) that can be combined with each other, allowing flexibility in installation, maintenance, repair and upgrade technology. In fact, D-Box and E-Box can be separated and replaced on site without disconnecting any cables and without physically removing the HMi from its housing. In addition, ORCA’s panel-mount devices are very light and easy to handle, compared to other Ex display solutions.
ORCA is available in 3 display sizes (12’’, 15 ‘’ and 22’’) and with 2 different E-Boxes: the Standard E-Box is equipped with an Intel® processor. Atom™ and an Ethernet port. The E-Box Pro has been designed for challenging applications and is equipped with an Intel® Core™ i5 and various connections Ethernet 1000Base-TX, 1000Base-SX or 1000Base-LX, in addition to serial ports and USB interfaces.
R. STAHL HMIs can be supplied integrated with a contactless RFID card reader to allow operators to authenticate themselves into the system control without typing passwords on keypads or touchscreens. This is a highly requested feature especially in the pharmaceutical sector.
The ORCA platform’s robustness is ensured by details such as its scratch- and solvent-proof glass and polyester front. In addition, the ORCA devices are UV-resistant and, for what concerns the front panel, GMP and clean-room compliant. The displays are very bright and easily readable and support various types of resolution to suit the requirements of application software. The touchscreens support multi-touch: it is therefore possible to operate with the same gestures that became familiar with smartphones, such as swiping, scrolling, and zooming. In addition, the use of gloves is foreseen. In the unlikely event of an ORCA HMI failure, a series of diagnostic LEDs located on the front panel will indicate the probable cause of the malfunction.
ORCA is designed to replace the EAGLE and MANTA families of HMIs over the next few years: therefore, all hardware and software compatibility aspects have been considered, to easily migrate previous applications to the new platform.

Environmental sustainability has always been among R. STAHL’s priorities.