Developing connections, building the future
OBO Bettermann is a Germany-based multinational company, a family business with over a century’s worth of expertise in the field of electrical installation and distribution. The company was founded in 1911 by Franz Bettermann: today it counts over 4.000 employees spread across 60 countries worldwide.

Conducting electricity. Routing data. Controlling energy. Through continuous investment, research and development, OBO Bettermann offers product solutions of the highest standards, guaranteeing maximum flexibility and integration in any installation environment.
The OBO product range includes over 30.000 integrated solutions, capable of catering to the needs of any electrical installation setting: industry, building and safety & protection. Our product systems are a result of highly automated and specialized production processes: OBO Bettermann products continue to be market leaders in terms of quality, reliability and ease of installation.

Industrial installations. These are products developed for industry and infrastructure construction projects: they include items such as installation pipes, fastening systems, T-Box junction boxes and any other product needed to equip industrial buildings. GR Magic® cable trays are certainly highlightworthy: no need for assembly tools or accessories, all parts assemble with a simple interlocking system that guarantees both mechanical and electrical continuity.

Building installations. These are products developed for commercial and residential buildings, all requiring electricity and data transmission with flawless integration in the three dimensions available: floor, ceiling and wall. OBO Bettermann can provide a wide range of solutions, ranging from the AllIn-One UDHOME underfloor system series, to personalized service poles, deskboxes and so much more. Building installation solutions are carefully designed to fulfil client requirements of durability and functionality, while meeting the aesthetic demands of any project.

Safety and protection installations. These are products developed to protect any building from lightning, surge and fire. Voltage protection systems such as V50 and V20, are world-renowned OBO products that effectively prevent damage and increase protection of buildings in case of lightning or electrical surges. Through the focus on innovation and extensive testing, the solutions for fire protection is also ample: PYROPLUG® Blocks (for quick and easy installation), junction boxes from the Fire Box series, or fire-resistant routing systems are only a few examples of the products that can help preventing the spread of fire, while maintaining electrical functionality.