Welcome to the Megadyne world, a place of innovatory power transmission solutions.

The company invests in skilled designers and engineers, who are the key factor in providing the most innovative Megadyne power transmission systems. As field experts, they thoroughly analyse and study industrial processes to develop new solutions and upgrades to the already existing ones. Remaining a local power transmission belting provider, while expanding globally, enabled Megadyne to become the apex market leader. In this way they are present at your side, seeing your needs first-hand, and then applying the solution worldwide.

Sustainability is as important as ever at Megadyne. The group consists of like-minded people cherishing the beauty of the world, focused on preserving it for generations to come. For that reason, they produce solutions which last longer, save energy, emit less noise and limit the overall carbon footprint of customers.

Megadyne is your neighbouring company which has been making your business move. Their founder, Corrado Tadolini, began manufacturing flat rubber drive belts on a small scale in a town outside of Turin in 1957. Little did he know how the world would change and how his business would revolutionise many industries with cutting-edge solutions and more sustainable operations.
Nowadays, Megadyne influence has expanded under the AMMEGA Group to more than 170 commercial offices. Together with other AMMEGA brands, Ammeraal Beltech in conveyor belting and Jason Industrial in fluid power, they share core values, namely:

• Customer centricity;
• People focus;
• Entrepreneurship;
• Agility;
• Responsibility.

What is more, together they provide unique applications and belting systems for the whole supply chain.

Megadyne customers are original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket distributors, for whom they deliver a wide range of products. Their offer includes thermoset and thermoplastic polyurethane belts, rubber timing and V-belts, flat belts, multi-rib belts, specialty belts, pulleys, clamping plates, timing bars, and complementary products, including custom-made. Engineered belts are the true pride of Megadyne. The purchasers of their fabricated solutions first experience the expertise of their professionals and then they are impressed with the final product – a fully customised power transmission belt with all accessories, designed to meet the exact requirements of the customer’s machinery.
Megadyne supplies complete and innovative solutions for broad applications and industries such as material handling, elevators, machine tools, food industry equipment, packaging, fitness, wood, marble, ceramics and many more.

Welcome to Megadyne power transmission solutions: