Automa – High-Reliability Software Products and Solutions

Automa, founded in 1987, is a software house that develops standard products and customized software for various sectors, including industrial automation, monitoring, remote control, data collection systems, and integration and interconnection projects envisaged by the Digital Transition Plan, formerly known as Industry 4.0.
Automa’s mission is to deliver reliable and easily implementable solutions to its users, providing them with concrete and professional support through assistance given by the same technicians who develop the software. Since its inception, Automa has strongly shaped its activity around concepts of structuring, readability, reusability, reliability, and ease of software maintenance.

Here are some of the products developed by Automa:


> a development system for SCADA/HMI applications, leading the SUPERVISIONE LIBERA line, a collection of software specifically designed for industrial automation.

> a wireless, low-cost data collection system, part of the MONITEL line dedicated to monitoring and data collection from production processes.

> Opc-Uac clients is a library for MES/SCADA/HMI software developers that allows easy integration of OPC-UA technology into their applications. It is part of the Communication Tools line.

> maintenance management software directly connected to data from machines and plantsAutoma not only offers products, but also its experience in the complex world of industrial communication and integration, providing full support to meet specific needs with tailor-made software.

Reliability, innovation, high professionalism, quality of products and services, and problem-solving capabilities are some of the strengths that have characterized Automa in these 35 years of activity.

A crucial aspect of Automa’s work is the connection of a significant number of devices dedicated to process control. This has resulted in a particularly rich heritage of experiences related to communication issues between computers and the surrounding reality. Furthermore, Automa’s ability to enable communication between heterogeneous peripherals without abandoning low-cost interfaces makes it highly competitive in supplying software for controlling entire production activities.
This makes Automa the ideal partner for machine and plant manufacturers who want to enhance the communication and integration capabilities of their machines and plants.
Automa can help machine and plant manufacturers make their products more easily integrated with the information systems of end customers, to facilitate all Digital Transition processes.

For end customers, Automa offers the ability to interconnect machines and lines from different suppliers, integrating them with the management level (MES/ERP) of Enterprise Information Systems.