The Benefits of Employing a CMMS for Maintenance Management at Data Centers

by Lindsey Walker

Did you know that unplanned maintenance can cost you 3-9 times more as compared to planned and preventive maintenance? Can you afford the failure of vital power supply assets due to a missed maintenance schedule? Have you taken any precautionary measures to avoid unscheduled downtime?

The Ponemon Institute recently published a case study revealing the actual cost of data center downtimes and you will be surprised to know that a 90-minute downtime in a modern data center can cost up to $700,000 over and above damaged reputation and data corruption.

The easiest way to keep vital infrastructure assets up and functional all year round is to track them using CMMS software that identifies issues before they turn into expensive failures.

What is a CMMS Software?

A CMMS maintenance software is designed to manage and monitor scheduled maintenance, periodic inspections, work orders, inventory, purchase orders and the cost of work done. It provides an end-to-end view of maintenance operations for immediate identification of problems and timely troubleshooting. It also offers real-time insights into equipment performance to help you prioritize time and effort on repairs and maintenance.

Below are 5 big reasons to deploy a data center asset management system for efficient and effective operations:

Tighter Data Security

Any asset-intensive enterprise with a reactive approach cannot deliver an optimal user experience. Using maintenance software to store and process large volumes of business data allows a working data center to deliver files in the right order and in their appropriate format. This facilitates instant identification of loopholes and enables timely completion of maintenance tasks which in turn tightens data security and protects mission-critical data from a wide variety of threats.

Efficient Compliance Management

A CMMS enables data centers to comply with health and safety regulations by ensuring that technicians are aware of the risks involved and updated about period inspections of fire suppression systems. A CMMS automates PM compliance and accordingly schedules work orders. It also ensures that scheduled maintenance is completed on time while reducing the time variation and improving the reliability of vital infrastructure equipment.

Consistent Performance

With CMMS software, data centers can organize and view infrastructure equipment and assign maintenance crews to specific assets that need maintenance and repairs. It sends instant notifications to maintenance managers in case of emergencies and also tracks all the service contracts and warranties on one centralized platform. Being synced with mobile worlds, a CMMS offers anytime, anywhere access to asset management schedules on any device to make maintenance tasks faster, easier and more accurate.

Streamlined Maintenance Operations

Periodic maintenance pays off by preventing unplanned downtimes and expensive equipment failures. Maintenance managers can digitize preventive maintenance schedules by collating records, assets, personnel data, work orders and inventory logs on a single pane using CMMS maintenance software to save tremendous time and effort.

Reduced Cost

CMMS software enables data centers to drive down their maintenance costs and increase the service life of vital assets by ensuring that preventive maintenance is performed on time and in compliance with established standards. It facilitates end-to-end tracking of work orders and offers the maintenance crew easy access to equipment data to save their time and effort. This reduces overtime labor costs and prevents collateral damage.

Reduce the cost of running your vital equipment with CMMS software and monitor everything right from transfer switches and power distribution units to cooling towers and condensers and keep your maintenance costs under control.

CMMS – More than Just Software

Feature-rich and easy to use, CMMS software is the best way to stay on top of asset performance and its associated costs for improving reliability and reducing downtimes. If things go astray at any point in time, you can count on well-documented, error-free reports for instant rectification of issues.

Accurate PM reports keep you prepared for safety audits and periodic inspections. Given the exponential costs of data center downtimes, it is necessary to ensure that PM intervals are constant, best practices are implemented, workflow is tracked, costing reports are precise and waste is eliminated.

The most effective way to achieve all of this effortlessly is to implement CMMS software that does not need a coordinator and can be seamlessly integrated with your software solutions for streamlined operations.

Author Bio:

Lindsey Walker is the marketing manager for NEXGEN, a Sacramento-based industry leader in designing advanced computerized maintenance management systems and maintenance management software for utilities, facilities, public works, manufacturing, and fleet industries. In her free time, Lindsey enjoys traveling and reading, which allows her to gain new perspectives and inspiration for her work. She is committed to creating content that connects well with her readers, enhancing their digital experiences.