Industrial springs from planning to implementation

Our company is specialized in the production of springs and small metal parts to customer specifications for industrial use and we operate in the following sectors:
– Electric
– Hydraulic
– Automotive
– Food
– Mechanical
– Medical
– Agricultural

We automatically produce compression springs, traction springs, torsion and shaped springs made with wires with a diameter from 0.10 mm to 24 mm diameter, using various types of materials
depending on the criticality of the field of application:
-Carbon steels – according to EN10270-1: S M-S H-DH
-Stainless steel – according to EN10270-3: 1.4310 NS , 1.4310 HS, with particular resistances
-Pre-hardened steels – according to EN10270-2: FD-V D- V DS iCr
-Alloys EN 12166: C opper, Beryllium Copper, Phosphor Bronze

The systems, equipped with electronic control and automatic selection, are a further guarantee of quality.
We are IS O 9001:2015 certified, and we set ourselves the goal for 2020 of obtaining IS O 14001.Our way of working allows us to have complete traceability of the production process referring to all our items, going back to the raw materials, used systems, staff etc .
All our suppliers are constantly monitored and evaluated, and the raw materials are always accompanied by 3.1 certificates.

For each item, test and raw material certificates are issued. Sales contact for requests and offers: Mrs . Poletti Alda
Sales contact for orders, deliveries and logistics: Mr. Matteo Carsana

We remain at your complete disposal for clarifications .