Crosspolimeri | EUROCOMPOUND

Experience and strength: these are perhaps the words that best describe the life of the Eurocompound company from its foundation in 1991 to today. 

The ex perience was there from the outset, thanks to years of work in the plastics sector, but it was strengthened with the acquisition of specific ex pertise on the industrial process for the production of granules, from P VC and its alloys, to TPU thermoplastic polyurethane and technopolymers of the TPE and TPO families .
The resistance instead manifested itself as a result of contingencies that influenced the company ’s activity, temporarily reducing its potential, but to which Eurocompound responded by doing what it does best: produce, enhancing the deep knowledge of the process and of the sector.
In 2009 Eurocompound left the factory in Parma and moved to Fontevivo (PR), with an investment of 5 million euros, including property machinery and equipment, an operation which is very ex pensive but calculated and sustainable.

Except that this sitation coincided with the first global (financial) crisis of 2008, the subsequent one of 2011 and a problem concerning the old production site, all situations outside the typical industrial activity. It was then that Crosspolimeri, an important reality in the international plastics sector, acquired 70% of the company, effectively allowing the continuation of the business
and therefore the economic and financial realignment’’. The  operation highlighted the great trust that Eurocompound has always gathered on the market and the wealth of knowledge acquired and consolidated in a very specialized sector.

Given that unity is strength, the high technical, technological, commercial and financial specialization of Crosspolimeri, grafted onto a resilient fabric such as that of Eurocompound, has made the company grow ex ponentially. In Italy the level of specialization of thermoplastic and crosslinkable granules is very high. Perhaps we are not aware of it but each type of product, depending on the
intended use and its functions, has its own specific granule from which to obtain it. Also in Eurocompound Crosspolimeri intends to continue and implement the “tailor made” work

The outlet markets are all applications, i.e. Agriculture, Automotive, Bicycles and Motorcycles, C onstruction Tex tiles, Electronics, TLC , Films and Calendered, Floors and Roofing, Footwear, Furniture, Appliances, Mechanics, Tools, Nautical Equipment, Naval Industry, Offshore platforms, Profiles, Railways, Undergrounds, Sports and safety equipment, Technical items, Pipes, Electric cables . If a granule is well formulated and of high quality, it guarantees product performance, in compliance with sectoral standards, as well as satisfaction of the growing demand for environmental and social sustainability.

The theme of safety and respect for the environment is a priority in Eurocompound, so much so that it has led the acquisition of important certifications such as 9001 (Quality)
– 14000 and EMA S (Environment) – 45001 (S afety), gathered in the Integrated System.
In Eurocompound there is such a conviction of growth in the coming years, so much so that investments of 2.5 million have been made in two new extrusion plants which will lead to a doubling of production capacity.