Making the most of pulper waste: Camec solution for the circular economy of paper

For 30 years, Camec has been designing and building recycling plants for the treatment of industrial and municipal waste, providing customized solutions for clients.
Each production line is tailored to meet the specific requests and needs of each individual client. Camec offers paper recycling organizations a dedicated plant specifically designed for the treatment of pulper waste. This plant is designed to enable the separation of ferrous and nonferrous components.

This solution, which involves the use of a patented separation technology, is highly efficient and enables the recovered material to be so valuable that the investment for the plant can be recovered in a short amount of time.

The material is shredded using a single-shaft shredder from the Camec G S Line, equipped with a radial hydraulic pusher that pushes the waste inside the cutting chamber. The waste is reduced to a controlled size of 30 mm through the rotor, fitted with special cutters, and a calibration screen. This size is suitable for the subsequent separation of the ferrous fraction from other materials, mainly plastic . The shredded material is transferred to an ex traction belt that supplies an elevation belt fitted with a magnetic separator. This separator, placed above the elevation belt, attracts the ferrous material and moves it laterally, eventually dropping it onto the iron discharge belt. Any residues of ferrous metals are also sent to the iron discharge belt.

Finally, the sorted material is further separated by means of a patented separator that uses a magnet and an air current to divide ferrous material from non-ferrous material.  The separator features a rotating magnetic drum that attracts the ferrous fraction and an air jet that intercepts the material as it moves from the belt to the magnet, redirecting the lighter components to a suction hood.

This process ensures the separation of the ferrous and nonferrous material of pulper waste, simplifying the disposal process and making it possible to make the most of the waste.
At Camec, we believe that proper waste treatment is a crucial practice for society and a responsible choice for our company. Our pulper waste treatment plants can be the starting point for managing this type of material in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.