Brenta Rent: the cold for rent 

BRENTA RENT has over 18 years of experience in the rental of chillers for comfort cooling and process refrigeration.
The company originates from the knowledge of its founders in this field, which lead them, as former builders of chillers for industrial air conditioning systems, to make their professional background available to the rental market. BRENTA RENT customers can choose the best solution for their needs among a large fleet of units that includes chillers with cooling capacity ranging from 15 kW up to more than 1000 kW, roof-tops, air handling units and air conditioner cabinets.

BRENTA RENT, thanks to its consolidated experience, is available to support the customer in identifying the machine that can meet their specific needs at best, when required organizing site inspections all over Italy with its own technicians or with authorized service centers.
Units are provided with quick-fit hydraulic connections and flexible hoses, to ensure a quick and non- invasive connection for all onsite situations: the installation does not generate additional costs and need no structural projects.

The electric panel allows the immediate visualization of the machine status and of the working temperatures. BRENTA RENT provides remote monitoring: this allow to constantly review machine performances and to receive alarms in real time. The rental solution can answer to customer needs both in case of emergency (unplanned maintenance, production peaks, tests, breakdowns) and in the standard management of the business, for which long term rental proposals are available.

It is also important to underline that in a time where shortage and delay in raw materials and components supply are affecting production schedule and costs, the units of BRENTA RENT rental fleet are available as second-hand equipment for sale. These units are supplied in perfect working order and can be rented for a trial period before purchase.