Experience and Skills offer solutions

On 8 February 1980 RTI was founded. A company of Representatives that over the years, thanks to important brands and with a strong corporate mission (Providing its customers with the best quality solutions thanks to its experience and expertise) has become “ The Competent and Reliable Partner” for those who work in the world of Oil&G as and Energy projects . People, Products, Engineering Services, Internal Organization, Customer Service are the pillars of RTI’s success . After more than 40 years of success, the new generations continue in the footsteps of the founder with the desire to project themselves into a future that sees RTI as an ever more protagonist.

New products, new solutions, an increasingly large and qualified team, a strong focus on business internationalization are elements that have allowed and will allow RTI to play an increasingly important role in a constantly evolving geopolitical scenario.
In 40 years we have supported our customers by living with them every design need aware that every moment had many complex ities to manage, accompanying them on a path in which products and solutions had to adapt to needs by transforming ambitions into our challenges, winning them.

We are now looking to the future with great positivity, doing what we are most capable of doing: investing in ourselves to offer the best in terms of quality, products, solutions and services .
Thinking ambitious projects in perspective is not for everyone and those who work in the “Green energy ” sector know it!

We have been talking for some time about Green, S olar Energy, Geo Thermal, Carbon Capture and Hydrogen. The giants of the energy market, although the timing of a “definitive” switch between the various opportunities is not yet clear, have turned their gaze in these directions and every thing now is moving.
The current cyclical phase presents some difficulties related to the development of technologies for the ex ploitation of alternative energy sources . We are working with leaders such as Parker
Hannifin, Intertec-Hess, Thermon, Fike and Pressure Tech who are able to approach this phase with the strength of those who know.

Producing in a “Green way ” means making sure that the processes meet the most stringent sustainability requirements in their entirety: from extraction, to refining or processing, up to distribution.
The impact that these processes will have on the environment in the future will be determined by the attention we will put into analyzing problems and choosing components and solutions .
Witness of this evolution now underway is our involvement by important customers who, in the conversion and/or engineering phase of specific equipment, need the support of a Competent and
Qualified Partner such as RTI. RTI generates value over time supporting companies in the most suitable technical choices by offering the best solutions . RTI, for over 40 years, the ideal partner.