MVN Logistics Everything is moving

MVN is an integrated logistics company with its Headquarters located in the center of Milan, just a few steps from the C entral Station. The company was born as an industrial packaging company
and today manages individual warehouses or entire logistics platforms, both owned and at the customer’s factory, in an end-to- end logic .

We are present in Italy with 14 logistics plants (own and service) for a total of over 150.000 square meters of covered surfaces and a 400.000 square meters are at the moment under construction for one of our important customers near Pisa, built based on solid principles of environmental sustainability.
These centers are strategically distributed throughout the Italian territory, so that they can respond to the customers’ needs and integrate into their logistics workflow. Thanks to its nearly 50-year
history the MVN creates value by analyzing, designing, implementing and managing logistics systems and processes, offering tailor-made solutions to companies, aimed at optimizing spaces and processes with consequent economic savings.

In addition to the activities functional to the receipt and storage of goods, through the application of innovative and automated solutions, MVN carries out industrial packaging essential to protect goods from external agents, in compliance with international standards, transport & shipment activities including heavy lift transport, surface treatments, different types of goods processing and, where necessary, value-added processes . The entire logistics flow is suitably tracked in the system and managed from an administrative point of view.

In a constantly evolving world , innovation represents the ability to understand, respond to changes and new needs . In this context , MVN designs logistics architectures that are able to quickly adapted anticipate new customer needs in terms of processes, resource sand assets.

To support the management of the logistics chains, MVN is based on three fundamental pillars:
Customized solutions and continuous research of innovative technologies applied in logistics .
Development of application solutions using appropriate logistic models .
Advanced logistics management, through the development of structured, sustainable logistics platforms located in strategic areas of the Italian territory.
At MVN we put our trust in our experienced professionals in order to achieve our goals .
-For every target business area previously identified, the company has a dedicated business unit and with a director in charge .
-For each project MVN allocates direct resources which can vary depending on the complex ity of the project.
-MVN also allocates highly specialized head off ice resources in the start-up phase to facilitate ramp up, in order to train, supervise and keep track of the situation.
In this way MVN Logistics has a strategic role in developing national logistical infrastructures and also, indirectly, the main Italian industrial chains .

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