The role of cleaning operations in industrial plants

The cleaning operations in industrial plants represent a set of procedures that guarantee the correct functioning of process equipment, the maintenance and restoration of energy efficiency. In
fact, pipes ox idation, accumulation of processing materials and the deposit of combustion residues can cause serious damage to plant equipment.

Figure 1: electrochemical process of rust formation .

Chemical cleaning – Chemical cleaning process solves the problem of iron-based deposits, copper and scales presents in industrial pipes and equipment thus reducing corrosion phenomena and/or restoring energy efficiency. Corrosion of equipment and pipes derives from a set of redox reactions in which metals (M) oxidize because their atoms give electron (e-) to oxygen. The most
relevant corrosive phenomena mainly concern iron (Figure 1) as oxidation is a progressive process which leads to the breakage of the entire equipment.

In chemical cleaning operations, the removal of impurities (oxides, residual rolling products, debris) is achieved using chemical solutions that lead to the dissolution of impurities or, at least, their
detachment. The fluid current will then transport the impurities during flushing operations .
(Figure 2)

Figure 2: Boroscopy before and after WCS Chemical Cleaning

Blowing -The purpose of steam and/or air blowing (Figure 3) is to remove particle, rust, semi-stick and heterogenous material present in steam system. These substances,
formed during the rolling phases or plant construction, can cause severe damage to equipment powered by this piping (steam turbines) causing serious problems during the preliminary phases of
plant running.

Figure 3:
WCS Steam Blowing operations

Oil Flushing -Up to 80% of the machines’ maintenance work is due to solid particle contaminated operating fluids . The basic principle of oil flushing operations is to pump the same oil at high speed through circuits themselves . The turbulent flow and high speed induced in the system, takes the contaminated particles that will be caught in the fine mesh installed in the return line.

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