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Founded in 1987, CFT Rizzardi was created with the aim of studying and implementing new applications for cam handling systems: this activity leads to the successful development of several cam driven products such as translators, elevators and manipulators for use primarily in automotive production lines .

Subsequently the firm began to follow a new and successful path dedicating more of itA s activity to the design and production of TOOL CHANGER S YSTEMS for machine tools .
Nowadays the aim of CFT Rizzardi production is to develop the application of cam devices for the creation of automatic systems characterized by fast, smooth and precise motions .
The current day product range of CFT Rizzardi is mainly components and sub-assemblies for the machine tool industry and to a lesser extent, the production of cam handling systems for automation.

The name CFT Rizzardi is internationally recognized as a leader in its field of activity and its products are now an essential element of the most prestigious machine tools . CFT Rizzardi production is the result of constant research and technical innovation and the most innovative systems are patented

The advantages of Chailess Technologies
One of the most successful innovations is the exclusive patented system Chainless Technology, consisting in moving the tools in the tool magazine mounted on independent pallets, that pushes each other, instead of connecting them with chain or belt. The applications where the Chainless Technology system is having the greatest successes are wherever an increase in the capacity of the tool magazine is required, compared to standard magazines, especially on high production machine tools . In fact, the current need for CNC machine tools is to equip the machine with
all the tools needed to machine a vast range of pieces, in order to significantly reduce the setup time.

The system is also ex tremely flexible: on the same structure it is possible to mount different types of tool cone (ISO, CAT, HSK or Capto) also allowing to quickly change the type of cone if necessary. The Chainless Technology allows for less wear over time by eliminating or minimizing the adjustment interventions deriving from the typical lengthening of the chains .

Maintenance in the event of breakage or damage to the tool holder bushings is considerably simplified, since it is not necessary to disassemble the entire chain to replace a single unit.
The application of this patent has allowed the company to create highly personalized, flex ible and performing solutions .
The systems produced are the result of a continuous search for innovative solutions and a close collaboration between CFT Rizzardi’s designers and the customer.