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Since 1997, Fellow Digitals has been creating great digital solutions that make online working and learning accessible to everyone. More than 500,000 people in 9 countries use its intranet and eLearning platforms for onboarding, training, and communications every day. The “Fellows” help customers around the world to create an employee experience platform that brings people closer together and enables them to succeed and grow.

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Many companies have already decided to implement an eLearning solution, for ex ample, to ensure a smooth transition to the digital working environment.
An eLearning Academy can be structured around numerous training areas . Examples include online courses for software and operational training, work instructions, legal regulations, health and safety, and personnel development, including management training. This wide range of options enables continuous and successful employee development. In addition to you being able to create courses in a breeze, we have a wide range of partners who can provide you with great ready-made eLearning content. The demand for training courses is naturally based on the overall development and structure of the company. A s the ability to tailor courses to customer needs increases, so does the ability to reach employees in non-office environments, such as frontline or
blue collar workers on construction sites, production lines, or driving. So, you’re able to reach your whole workforce on one platform.

1. What draws companies to select Fellow Digitals’ eLearning platforms and services?
As a European software company in the field of knowledge management and internal communication, we focus on providing our customers with reliable and high-quality products . We rely on innovative technologies and keep our products up to date. Customers such as DER , DG UV, Marché International, National Geographic Society, as well as customers from the financial and pharmaceutical sectors and dioceses trust in our commitment to excellent service. G ood customer support is essential, which is why we have invested heavily in our help desk and account management. Our customers can always contact us for support and solutions to problems or questions . We also place great emphasis on the user- friendliness of our products . The foundation of our service is also reflected in our high-security measures and IS O certifications . We are a pioneer in our industry.

2. What factors contribute to Fellow Digitals’ reputation as a dependable company in the industry ?
Businesses need a partner who will take the time to understand their challenges and provide solutions to overcome them. Our reputation is built on our reliability and commitment to quality. A s a result, our customers act as brand ambassadors . Thus, we are fortunate to work with customers like the Diocese of Würzburg, who recently presented our software solution to other customers with similar use cases . We are proud of the fact that many well-known companies and organizations have chosen us as their partner and place their trust in us .

3. How have eLearning platforms evolved due to advancements in technology such as internet accessibility, 4G/5G, and beyond? And what do you anticipate being the next significant development to impact your business sector?

The most significant development has been the widespread availability of the Internet. eLearning and knowledge management platforms have become more widely used and accessible around the world. The development of mobile technology had a significant impact on eLearning platforms, that users can now access on the go, whether they have a hybrid workspace and can essentially work from anywhere or are frontline workers. In addition, mobile technology has opened new opportunities for interactive learning ex periences, such as a variety of questions and
quiz zes, and a quick and direct way to provide feedback through notifications or chats .
Looking ahead, we ex pect artificial intelligence (AI) to play a major role in many sectors . AI has the potential to transform eLearning platforms by personalization.
AI-based chatbots and virtual assistants are already used to provide learners with personalized, human-like support, and we ex pect to see continued and rapid growth.
Another development we anticipate impacting the eLearning sector is the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (V R) technology to create immersive and interactive learning ex periences that simulate real-world scenarios . Finally, data evaluation got very important over the years .

Companies want to make data-driven decisions . With the right eLearning platform, you can map out where in the training course participants might drop out or get stuck . And you can further optimize your eLearning courses In summary, we believe that advances in technologies such as AI, AR , and V R will transform the eLearning sector and we look forward to continuing be a part of these changes to provide the best learning ex periences .

4. Given that e-learning platforms may contain sensitive information from users, what is Fellow Digitals’ stance on safeguarding their data?
Information security, and the protection of personal data, are crucial to us . We believe that data should never be shared with any third-party or used for any purpose beyond the agreed-upon scope of our services . We utilize IS O 27001, IS O 27701 and NEN 7510 to ensure that our information security management system complies with international standards . We are also constantly looking for and evaluating other beneficial certifications, such as BS I’s C5 or SOC certification. In addition, we use 100% EU and IS O-certified hosting to ensure that our servers meet the highest security standards. We are committed to maintaining transparent Data Protection Agreements (DPA s) with our users and ensuring that their data is handled responsibly and ethically.
We use hardened software and hardware, as well as A-brand hardware, to further enhance the security of our systems . And to ensure max imum uptime and availability of our services, we have
redundant data centers . Overall, we take the security and privacy of our users’ data very seriously and are committed to ensuring that our eLearning platform is a safe and trustworthy environment for all.

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