Green hydrogen for very energy-demanding companies 

Every thing starts with the magic power of water, enab ling a real GREEN breakthrough without CO2, producing green hydrogen with low energy consumption and high production efficiency. The electrolyser (or electroly tic cell) is an elect rochemical device which, powered by elect ricity, allows breaking of water molecules by separating hydrogen from oxygen.

Our electrolyser, powered by a 12Volt DC volta ge, uses an average current of 10 AMP to produce around 2 liters of hydrogen per minute, equal to 120 liters/hour.
A single cell will therefore produce more than 12, 000 liters in approx imately 100 hours of operation, consuming an electrical power equal to 24 watts/hour which means 4 kW in total.

The future of world economy is inex tricably linked to the development of new economic and non-polluting energy sources, such as hydrogen.
Our joint venture was born in this scenario, with the main objective to produce and ex pand in the market totally sustainable hydrogen production plants . This result was achieved thanks to the contribution given by the electrolyser supply control system ex pecially developed by STI Società Tartuca Industriale S A of Chiasso.
The efficiency control system allows to verify the validity of performance over time thanks to the software developed by the company Cate Srl of Carpi.