Rolling taps for tapping deep blind holes

Why does UFS decide to design and build a rolling tap with the characteristics of the K2CC M…TG ?
Because it is the market that demands it. When tapping deep blind holes, there is a need to increase resistance to the heat developed during the threading process . To the cobalt-enriched PM8 steel is added the TiN-G coating designed for deformation taps . Surface finishing processes greatly reduce roughness and friction. Finally, new tool geometries that increase performance by generating up to 50 percent less torque than other rolling taps . It is the very evolution of machine tools that creates the need for increasingly high- performance taps to perform at their best with fewer stops for tool changes . Downtime weighs especially heavily if production is unmanned. So increasingly high- performance tools to drive down the cost of machining are needed.

What advantage does the UFS tool have over the competition and what levers does the company employ to make it the most preferred tool in the market?
Seriousness is the basis of all the company ’s work . UFS , acronym for Sparone threading tools, is a valid partner both for companies that need many tools to thread and for companies that use them occasionally. Trivial to say but first and foremost there is upstream an entire facility, the UFS Technology located of Site 2, totally dedicated to Research and Development. The continuous and almost maniacal synergy between the personnel working in R&D and those in the engineering and design departments enables the quality of taps to be constantly improved. Beyond that, the company always makes a careful assessment of the price of the tools; which must be competitive in relation to the quality of the product. Added to this is a vigilant after- sales service to promptly resolve any problems .

For example, if the customer verifies in the field that the tool does not have the ex pected performance for that particular machining operation, a technician is immediately prospected to analyse possible better performing variants. And, having solved the problem, this additional case history will represent another piece to add to the database by increasing experience to that which, in more
than 75 years of activity, has led UFS to be among the leading manufacturers of threading taps in Italy.
Of course the competition is tough, especially on mid- to low-cost products. And here technical ex pertise counts for a lot, but it is just as important to have a stock of around 500,000 parts ready and available in many shapes and surface treatments; up-to-date technology, with tools totally developed in-house, starting with the design, also makes it possible to be at the forefront in the type of service offered to the customer; to be attractive, both for testing and for production. Prompt shipments, even in 24 or 48 hours, and good products- these are the main demands of the market. The strength of the company, and thus the objective answer, is in the availability of a large stock at a competitive price. To be able to supply accurate and safe tools quickly, guaranteeing they are 100% made in Italy.
A philosophy of growth, as a partner or supplier, in both the Italian and foreign markets .

The goals of the UFS are also to enter new spaces created by the socio-economic dynamics of emerging countries . Another goal is to have a widespread presence where the quality of Italian products is recognised and appreciated to be among the best in the world.