New Loop heaters by STEGO: no chanche for condensation in enclosures

Enclosure heaters are the tool of choice for preventing condensation in control cabinets . Heating the air inside the cabinet avoids temperature fluctuations and keeps relative humidity constant, thus protecting electric and electronic components against harmful humidity as it condenses and preventing short circuits .
STEGO, a pioneer in enclosure heaters, showcases its enclosure heater with a completely new heating body : the LOOP heater.

The new LOOP heaters from STEGO make thermal management in your enclosure and technical installation procedure faster and safer and the design grants reliable performance even under harsh conditions and high vibration loads. Touch-safe versions for comprehensive user protection are also available.

Main features

Pressure clamp connection reduce installation time for the user by up to 50%. The clamps exert cons- tant pressure on the cables, which provides added security when transporting pre-assembled control cabinets, or during applications subject to vibrations .

STEGO products are approved and safety certified independently by globally recognised testing institutes such as VDE , UL and EAC .

The innovative aluminium loop profile is ex tremely efficient at absorbing the heat from the PTC heating elements, guarantees optimum heat distribution the control cabinet. and ensures constant heating power throughout the heater’s service life.

The LTS 064, LT 065 and LTF 065 series are designed to be touch-safe. The insulated plastic housings keep the surface temperature under 80°C , thus protecting maintenance and operating personnel from burns in the event of accidental contact.

All touch-safe loop heaters have been successfully tested for shock and vibration resistance in accordance with the standards DIN EN 60068-2-27:2010-02 and DIN EN 60068-2-64:2009-04 in
relation to the standard DIN EN IEC 61373:2011-04, cat. 1 B . This also makes them demonstrably suitable for situations exposed to a strong vibration impact in environments such as rail and mobile applications or wind power.

For more information about the new LOOP heaters from STEGO, contact our exeperts .

We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to give you tips on how to use them in your application.